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Page 76, November 1978

The British Racing Scene 1

Above, such is the state of development of cars conforming to the RAC's Group I regulations that lap times recorded by the fastest Capris have all but equalled those of the old Group 2 racers. Here Brian Muir and Andy Rouse take Paddock Bend at Brands Hatch side-by-side with Vince Woodman shadowing. Left, driving a highly modified Ralt the dedicated Barzilian Nelson Piquet took an easy overall...

Page 42, January 2009

Back to the drawing Broad

No, you’re not seeing things: the classic Broadspeed Ford Capri written off in a huge crash at Silverstone in 1973 has been brought back to life By Ed Foster The words ‘replica’ and ‘recreation’ will either evoke little reaction in you or send shivers down your spine. For as long as there have been interesting cars in the world, people – with varying degrees of attention to detail – have made...

Page 32, October 1984

BMW win, Jaguar star

BMW win, Jaguar star Silverstone, September 9th THE 48th RAC Tourist Trophy was dominated by two things, the presence of the works Jaguars and the weather. The Jaguars, always a big box office draw at home, were doubtless responsible for attracting a good proportion of a crowd of over 15,000 who came not only to see them win, but also to see Tom \Valkinshaw clinch the ETC Drivers' Championship....

Page 70, September 1978

Spa 24 hours

A British win at last July 1st 1979, that is the date the Belgian ministry of public works has set for the completion of the 7 km./4.3 miles track that will replace the current public 14.1 km./8.7 miles of public road that comprise the current Spa-Francorchamps track. With this in mind it seemed as though the July annual 24-hour race for saloon cars had bowed out on a fitting note in 1978, with...

Page 57, December 1974

Brut(e) Force

The Assistant Editor is let loose with Stuart Graham's all-conquering Camaro The needle kisses the red sector on the rev. counter in top gear at Knicker Brook approaches at the best part of 140 m.p.h. Off the throttle, on to the brakes and at least some of the 400 brake horsepower is stilled temporarily before the Holley carburetter's four chokes open with a thump to power the big Camaro across...

Page 113, July 2009

Gordon & co Spice up book launch

Motor Sport welcomed Gordon Spice and many of his friends to our Chelsea offices in May to celebrate the launch of the four-time Group C2 World Sports Car Champion’s colourful autobiography. Life of Spice, written in conjunction with Jeremy Walton and published by Haynes, is an entertaining tale of a long and varied racing career – plus a, ahem, spicy business and personal life. Editor Damien...

Page 22, March 1987

End of the Line

Ford of Germany produced the last European Capri in December 1986, one of 1036 RHD Capri 280s now in our showrooms. We watched Cologne's production euthanasia of a coupe almost as old as Porsche's 911. A concept which started life 1.88 million examples ago with the 1969 advertising slogan: "Ford Capri: the car you always promised yourself . . . from £890." November 1968, Halewood, Merseyside....

Page 99, August 2012

Lunch with Stuart Graham

It’s already a unique claim, being the TT-winning son of a TT winner, but this man embellished it by winning further TTs in big, brawny saloon cars There are many examples of a racer’s talent being passed on from father to son, and even to a third generation. Indeed there are whole clans, like the Andrettis and Unsers in the USA, where each succeeding generation seems destined for the family...

Page 27, October 1986

Touring Car Championship: TT Trophy

Denny Hulme's fourth TT win Two small pieces of motor racing history were made at Silverstone on September 7th. The first was the fact that it was the fiftieth occasion on which the world's oldest motor race had been run, which was celebrated by a parade of some past winning cars. The second was that Denny Hulme won his fourth TT. Since 21 years span Hulme's first and latest win, this may...

Page 64, November 1982


Reappraisal Refining Jaguar's XJ saloons even further ONE of the most frustrating aspects of the past decade was the decline of the Jaguar reputation in the mid-1970s, not at the time when the British luxury car market Wilt under ferocious attack from BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Back in the autumn of 1975 D.S.J. and the writer toured Scotland in a Daimler VI2 and ended up shaking our heads with...


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