Andrew Frankel

Senior Contributing Writer
After an inglorious stint in the City convinced him that he could handle cars better than he handled money, Andrew joined Autocar many years ago as a junior tester. Since then he has become one of the industry’s senior figures. Editor of Motor Sport for five years, he now runs our road test section.

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11th October 2016

Andrew Frankel wonders whether it is championships that make a champion or...

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22nd September 2016

The rumoured Apple takeover of McLaren – and why Andrew Frankel hopes it doesn'...

Driving the £1.8 million Porsche

13th September 2016

I thought it was over, that the upward spiral in classic car prices in general...

Bloodhound – fast but last?

31st August 2016

I was five when Gary Gabelich broke the Land Speed Record in October 1970 and,...

Tiring of old tyres

16th August 2016

My life with the few old and unimportant cars I own is a perpetual quest to...

The halo effect

2nd August 2016

So the introduction of the ‘halo’ driver protection system now being considered...


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