Andrew Frankel

Senior Contributing Writer
After an inglorious stint in the City convinced him that he could handle cars better than he handled money, Andrew joined Autocar many years ago as a junior tester. Since then he has become one of the industry’s senior figures. Editor of Motor Sport for five years, he now runs our road test section.

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7th November 2017

The 2017 Porsche 911 GT2 RS is brutally powerful and brutally expensive. But...

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1st November 2017

Land speed record-breaking attempts don't come around often, which makes ...

Dyson's electric car move

24th October 2017

The electric car market has attracted more interest – from an unexpected source...

The four-cylinder Jaguar sports car

10th October 2017

The F-Type is now also in four-cylinder form, and it just might work Even in...

Being Birkin

28th September 2017

Andrew Frankel takes the wheel of the Birkin Blower, around Le Mans I think...

Frankfurt goes electric

15th September 2017

Behind the headline cars at Frankfurt the push for electric cars is unstoppable...


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