Mark Hughes

Grand Prix editor
In previous lives Mark raced cars, worked at Jim Russell racing school, got a university degree which he never used, tried working in industry, didn’t like it, left and joined Motoring News in 1988 as a junior club race reporter. Went freelance in ’96, concentrated on F1 from 2000. Grand Prix editor of Autosport for 10 years.

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17th January 2017

An easy fit, and why Wehrlein missed out So finally one of Formula 1’s worst-...

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11th January 2017

Renault and Frédéric Vasseur have parted ways, a split that has been a long...

Manor and Silverstone – the root of F1's money problem

6th January 2017

Manor and Silverstone hit the news – and it's a mess Liberty Media knows it...

Has Ferrari just handed Mercedes the 2017 F1 title?

3rd January 2017

The trick suspensions of Mercedes and Red Bull that Ferrari wants banned...

Felipe Massa's possible return to F1

16th December 2016

Felipe Massa to un-retire? That long tearful walk back to the pitlane from his...

Top 10 drivers of F1 in 2016

8th December 2016

Mark Hughes chooses his top 10 drivers of 2016, plus tell us yours 10....


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