Mark Hughes

Grand Prix editor
In previous lives Mark raced cars, worked at Jim Russell racing school, got a university degree which he never used, tried working in industry, didn’t like it, left and joined Motoring News in 1988 as a junior club race reporter. Went freelance in ’96, concentrated on F1 from 2000. Grand Prix editor of Autosport for 10 years.

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16th March 2017

Taken from the February issue of Motor Sport, available as a back issue from...

Damon Hill founds Professional Racing Drivers Association

14th March 2017

Personalities could return to the paddock, if the PRDA takes off The...

Testing times

10th March 2017

What can we read into the Barcelona testing times?  The stand-out stories from...

Pirelli in F1: One problem to another

1st March 2017

Harder, faster, stronger... better?  “The tyres we have here are good,” said...

Suspensions: Mercedes legal, Red Bull not?

28th February 2017

Question marks continue to be raised about the legality of Red Bull's new...

The faster, raw and physical F1

27th February 2017

Mark Hughes casts his first impressions of the new F1 cars The light is...


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