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Friday 25th July 2014


Mat Oxley



As a racer, Mat is an Isle of Man TT winner and lap record holder. As a scribbler, he’s been at it since the late 1980s and has written acclaimed biographies of Valentino Rossi and Mick Doohan – plus he’s an award-winning commentator too.

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Can racing ever be too safe?

Re-profiling corners: a positive step or ruining great tracks?

Why the fans love Goodwood

What MotoGP could learn from the Festival of Speed

Homage to Catalunya

Why do so many of MotoGP’s greats hail from the same region?

Putting the brakes on

The plan to reduce speed, but not weight, in MotoGP

Mugello: Holy of Holies

Examining the psyches of Rossi, Lorenzo and Márquez before the Italian GP

Round, black and…

Why a change of tyres might change everything

Who’s cheating now?

Mat Oxley talks WSB frame cheats and Doohan-style domination

Marc Márquez: “He’s playing”

Mat Oxley explains just what sets Marc Márquez’s riding style apart from his rivals’

MotoGP’s young guns and old dogs

After Márquez and Rossi’s Qatar duel, Mat Oxley looks back at some of history’s other old vs young battles

Moving MotoGP’s goal posts

Mat Oxley on the last-minute rule changes introduced the week of the MotoGP opener in Qatar

Why the door was left Open for Ducati

Mat Oxley explains how the factory Ducati team has been able to exploit the new Open rules to close the gap to its rivals

The death of bike racing in the US?

Mat Oxley explains the decline of US Superbikes, which has fed GP racing with top riders for decades

Open season on the factory teams

Mat Oxley looks at why the Open class rules are good for MotoGP and governing body Dorna

MotoGP: Silly season or stupid season?

With rumours of Jorge Lorenzo’s defection to Ducati doing the rounds, Mat Oxley looks back to a simpler time

Inside the mind of Casey Stoner

Mat Oxley explains why Casey Stoner endured a frosty relationship with the media and some fans

Mat Oxley’s highlight of 2013

Mat Oxley’s highlight of the year: the Isle of Man Classic TT

2013 MotoGP season review (Part 2)

The second and final part of Mat Oxley’s MotoGP review. This one’s on the big losers in 2013.

2013 MotoGP season review (Part 1)

Mat Oxley review the 2013 MotoGP season and looks at how Marc Márquez has changed the sport in only 12 months