Ferrari – from race to road

In any walk of life, few brands transcend their industry quite in the manner of Ferrari. No matter where a Grand Prix takes place, individual drivers will have pockets of support – but only one team commands undying loyalty the world over, even when its track performances are at a relatively low ebb. 

The magic is in the marque; success is merely a bonus.

It’s a passion cultivated by 70 years at the cutting edge on both road and track. The first car to carry the Ferrari name – the 125 S, powered by a Gioacchino Colombo V12 – made its race debut at Piacenza, Italy, on May 11 1947. Franco Cortese failed to finish on that occasion, but a fortnight later he scored the marque’s first race win in Rome and the foundations of an extraordinary legacy were laid. 

To commemorate Ferrari’s 70th anniversary, we have put together this special edition that combines a swathe of fresh material with features chosen from Motor Sport’s extensive archive. It’s a cocktail of great cars, wonderful personalities and fine writing, a journey that takes us from Formula 1 to club rallying via Le Mans and some of the most spectacular road cars ever built. 

Motor Sport was first produced 23 years before the 125 S and is proud to have been able to cover Ferrari’s evolution from day one. It’s a tradition we look forward to maintaining for many decades to come.

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