Gallery: Jordan 195 restoration

The cover star of the new Garagista series in the magazine, the Jordan 195 restoration being undertaken by Tour-de-Force Power Engineering. We'll be documenting the project of Warren Stean in the magazine each month.

"I'd been looking at the Jordan for a while and ended up taking the plunge and buying it as seen. It was a bit of a risk..."

It took some digging, but Stean is sure it's the car Barrichello took to second place in Montreal in 1995.

It's undergoing some stringent testing before returning to the track

It had a hydraulic paddle-shift system in period

Jordan created the gearbox casing, with Hewland and Xtrac internals

"I'm very much into originality," Stean says...

Which is why the Peugeot isn't being swapped out for a Cosworth

For more on the restoration, read the October issue of Motor Sport, available now in the shop

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