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Land speed record chasers united

by Web Editor, January 6th 2017

The Bloodhound SSC project isn't the only current land speed record team with 1...

What happened to the LSR attempt?

by Ed Foster, September 29th 2016

A snippet of Guy Martin's record attempt in his own words, only in the new...

Bloodhound – fast but last?

by Andrew Frankel, August 31st 2016

I was five when Gary Gabelich broke the Land Speed Record in October 1970 and,...

Guy Martin record attempt delayed

by Jack Phillips, August 23rd 2016

The Guy Martin and Triumph motorcycle land speed record attempt scheduled for...

Guy Martin set for record attempt

by Jack Phillips, August 1st 2016

Guy Martin and Triumph Motorcycles are to team up for a new motorcycle world...

Bloodhound's step into the unknown

by Ed Foster, September 25th 2015

On the A303 in Somerset there are quite a few hills. Some are pretty big, which...

Segrave's 1000bhp Sunbeam

by Paul Fearnley, January 29th 2015

Niki Lauda is of the opinion that a 1000bhp-plus Formula 1 car (on durable...

Inside Bloodhound's cockpit

by Ed Foster, June 17th 2014

The day before heading to the Bristol-based launch of Bloodhound SSC’s cockpit...

Looking back on Thrust2

by Rob Widdows, October 4th 2013

If the BBC was to make a situation comedy based on the activities of Mr Richard...

Audio podcast with Richard Noble

by Ed Foster, August 8th 2013

"We deployed the parachute at 600mph and immediately you had 6g deceleration,"...

Ed Foster's highlight of the year

by Ed Foster, December 24th 2012

Pick one highlight from your entire year and condense it into one 450-word...

Bloodhound SSC engine test

by Alex Harmer, October 3rd 2012

Today, the hybrid rocket engine specially developed for the Bloodhound SSC land...

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