A Seven h.p. Inboard Launch with a Good Per/O rrnance.

THERE is undoubtedly a considerable demand for a low priced runabout which combines a good turn of speed with the advantages of neatness and compactness of the inboard engine. The Austin Seagull, which is Ltd., the well known Hammersmith, is another performance of which this firm make a speciality of greater power, and the unit been subjected to the usual firm to give increased standard engine being The hull, which is built Faversham, is 16ft. by 4ft., ” decks, frames and planking, it is arranged to be set engine is installed in the ance and ample room in a high tensile bronze propeller, which is bility of damage when carried under the small veyed to the carburettor Complete electrical that the luxury of electrical on small motor boats, is remarkably complete fire extinguisher and the of a car for the safety glass windscreen can by Messrs. Maintenance, specialists, of Beavor Lane, example of the remarkable engine is capable. This tuning Austin engines for installed in the Seagull has modifications made by this 33% increase over the the Moorcar Boat Co., of V ” bottom, with mahogany and spruce bottom planking; davits if required. The deck giving a neat appearboat. This drives through shaft to a two bladed by a skeg from any possiThe petrol tank is aft and the petrol is conby an electrical Autopulse. as in a car, is fitted, so starting, not a usual feature The equipment is fend-offs, boat hook, switch board equipment lamps, etc. A one piece be fitted as an extra for £5 well and had quite a good mean speed over the for the power installed, is to peak at 3,500 r.p.m., at smoothly, but with a certain the fore deck acting as a is being considerably stiffened may be carried at davits noise considerably, though excessive. The turning circle ably small, and the boat suddenly and brought out of any tendency to cavitation boats of this type with high wishing in any way to boards, there is undoubtedly flexibility of the 4-cylinder plete control from a crawl to addition of a reverse, makes of this type of craft well

The number of inboard increasing, and this season of them in use on estuaries ning cost of an Austin verbial, while on larger craft able to carry a light fast require further comment.

and is quite useful in broken water. The price is £200.

We recently had the opportunity of trying this boat on the Thames in company with Mr. S. J. Bassett of Maintenance, Ltd., and found it handled of speed. The actual mile is 18 m.p.h., which The engine is tuned speed it runs quite of noise, caused by board. This however in order that the boat this should reduce the now it is by no means at full speed is commendmay be put hard over turn suddenly without we have found in some propellers. Without the qualities of outan added charm in the inboard engine ; comfull speed, and also the the slightly greater cost considering. small launches is certainly see many rivers. The low runengine is of course prothe advantages of being are too obvious to