Vernon Ball’s Amilcar got away well at the start and just managed to avoid being caught by Marendez on the Graham-Paige, winning by 100 yards at 92.28 m.p.h. C. Brackenbury (Bugatti) was third.

Surrey Long Handicap.

Purdy was certainly having an afternoon out, and his Thomas special got away well, was never challenged, and ran home a winner by a quarter of a mile at 107.4 m.p.h. an increase of nearly 10 m.p.h. over his winning speed in the 3rd race. The 2 litre Sunbeam in the hands of Jack Dunfee was 2nd and Cyril Paul’s Delage 3rd.

Mountain Handicap.

This race was certainly the most amusing of the afternoon and provided opportunity for people to let off steam in the matter of cornering. Styles of cornering were varied and in most cases unorthodox, the corner leading on to the banking giving the most scope for original ideas. Aldington (Frazer Nash) got off the mark well and looked like

winning as his cornering was quite the fastest in the race, and was also . neat. Unfortunately hi car went on 3 cylinders towards the end and he was compelled to drop out of the running. The manner in which he passed through a covey of Rileys on this bend was a treat, though the Rileys in question probably did not think • so ! Scott on an AustroDaimler appeared to be enjoying himself hugely, and was doing his best to upset his motor car or alternatively remove the tyres. He certainly cornered very fast, but it was a good thing that it was not a long race or something would probably have suffered before long. While these varied frolics were in process Earl Howe on the supercharged ” 2300 ” Bugatti attracted little attention, being busy quietly winning the race from scratch with a very neat display of driving and cornering. A. F. Ashby brought his Riley home second, with Gordon Hendy’s Lea Francis 3rd. The winner’s speed was 62.5 m.p.h. Altogether a fine commencement to the Brooklands Season. Congratulations to Messrs. Bradley & Co.