RACING and trials drivers are, as a whole, a hardy set, and bad weather conditions do not disconcert them to any extent. Nevertheless, they are the first to appreciate any device which will sensibly increase their comfort while at the wheel.

For this reason the ” Drysleve ” will undoubtedly interest readers, since it has been produced especially for owners and users of open sports vehicles to overcome an unpleasantness which all such must have experienced at some time or another. This is the flamponing of the right sleeve at the point where it projects over the side of the body, when the normal attitude is assumed in driving. The “Drysleve,” as will be readily grasped from the accompanying illustration, is a sort of elongated gauntlet glove which is slipped over one’s ordinary outer g a r

ment and, being waterproof, it completely protects the arm from wet, mud and cold. It is made in two patterns — with and wit out a ” lightning fastener, and the prices are 7s. 6d. and 4s. 6d. respectively.

The manufacturers of this thoroughly practical and useful device are :—The Drysleve Co., Jervis Road Garage, Lillie Road, London, S.W.6.

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