Engine: 4 cyl., 63 x 90 m.m. bore and stroke, capacity 1122 c.c., 3-bearing balanced crankshaft, 3-bearing camshaft, overhead inlet valves, side exhaust valves, pressure lubrication throughout. Cooling by thermo-syphon.

Gear-box. 4 speeds, 21, 13, 7.5 and 5.5. to 1. Central gear lever.

Steering : worm and nut.

.Suspension : Semielliptic springs with shock absorbers.

Magna type wire wheels with 27 x 4.40 Dunlop tyres.

Brakes : Self-servo shoes on all wheels operated by pedal. Hand-brake operates on transmission.

Dimensions : Wheelbase, 9ft. Oiin. Track 4f1. Turning circles, right 40ft., left 36ft. Gin.

Price .• £295.

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