"Can Climb Anything and Go Anywhere!"



“Can Climb Anything and Go THE AUTOCAR-Anywhere ” —JULY 18, 1930

” Torrential rain at frequent intervals, a course water-logged after days of rain, hills deep in sodden leaves and covered with a surface of slimy chalk, colonial’ sections composed of liquid mud—in short, Chiltern country at its wettest and worst!

“The Frazer Nash contingent streaked up the hills in their usual effortless fashion.” “Again the outstanding performances were the Frazer Nashes.

ances were by the Frazer Nashes. “Alms Hill—practically unclimbabk by anything on four wheels— was in a shocking condition . . . the section of 1 in 3?,. by the’ Cannons’ was coated with glutinous chalk deep in leaves, and the ruts seemed

deeper than ever.

Of the seven clean climbs, five were Frazer Nashes.” “The Frazer Nash drivers excelled.” Blacker Mill—its surface when wet is such that wheel grip It 1111QAZIEIL ASIICAUS Falcon Works, London Road, Isleworth. Telephone : Hounslow 3171-3172

is almost an impossibility — probably the best ascent of the day was that of W. R. Nimmo, driving a Frazer Nash.” M.C.C. One Day Sporting Trial, 1930. Only Premier Award (out of 72 entries). I.ondon-Exeter, 1930. Five Gold Medals. A Frazer Nash was awarded the Special Prize for Acceleration against 183 cars. London-Land’s End, 1930. Eight Gold


London-Land’s End, 1931.NineG01d Medals.

London-Exeter, 1931. Twelve Gold Medals.

Colmore Cup Trial, 1931. Four Premier Awards.

Inter-Varsity Trial, 1931. Awards for Best Performance of the Day, best Cambridge car, best Oxford car, best Veteran’s performance and best 1,500 c.c. car—all gained by Frazer Nash entries. Etc., etc.

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