(1.N1L by one the old bug-bears of motoring are being removed. Self1.-1 changing gear-boxes, finger-light controls, and general ease of maintenance has resulted in motoring of such reliability and freedom from worry that the average motorist now gives little more thought to the mechanical working of his car than he does to the locomotive of a train in which he travels.

The latest step forward to this state of trouble-free motoring is the ” Lubrequipmerit ” Service recently introduced by Messrs. C. C. Wakefield & Co., Ltd., the manufacturers of Castrol. But one cannot do justice to the benefits of this new Castrol service without first painting the reverse side of the picture, i.e., the state of affairs which the ” Lubrequipment ” service is intended to supplant. Every intelligent motorist realises the importance of chassis lubrication, and of the correct maintenance of the level of oil in gear-box and back axle-but how often does he pluck up courage to tackle the job himself ? Very seldom, and when at last he does, it means that for a whole morning at least his car is out of action, while he grovels on the ground, greasegun in hand, and attempts to force grease through nipples which are generally blocked with dirt and mud. Having found all the nipples of the chassis and universal joints-ruining his instruction book with greasy fingers in the processhe Sets about checking the level of lubricant in the gear-box and back axle. To do this he has to remove the seat squabs and floor-boards, leaving behind him liberal smears of muddy grease on the upholstery which will ultimately soil his overcoat, and at last, with great contortions, he reaches his objective. But one can go on in this strain ad nauseunt. Let us look at the brighterand cleaner-picture of the same owner making his periodic visit to a garage where Castrol Lubrequipment service is available. The motorist consults his LogBook, where he will find the mileage and date at which the chassis of his car was last lubricated. Then he fills in a job card handed to him by the garage mechanic, marking those points which he requires lubricated or attended to. His

Chassis LubricaCon upto-dale and while you wait. Our picture shows a typical Castro! Luhrequipment SertEce Station, zu:th an Attendant at work w:th a grease gun giving a pressure of anything up to 10,000 lbs, per sq. inch

car is then quickly raised on a ramp, two mechanics set to work with a special plant giving a pressure of from 2,000 to 10,000 lbs. per square inch, and, hey presto ! in ten minutes the job is done. He then fills in his Log-Book, has it stamped with the official Castrol Lubrequipment mark, and his car is once more efficiently lubricated until such time as his speedometer tells him that a further period has expired. Two aspects of this new Lubrequipment service are worth stressing. First, in order to lubricate one’s car properly, as many as eight different types of oil and grease are sometimes required, so that a large stock had to be kept by an owner

who did the job thoroughly himself. Secondly, the owner of a car who has regularly had his car attended to at a Castrol Lubrequipment Service Station will be able to get a better price for his car when he wants to sell it by producing his Log-Book, officially stamped, which will testify to the care with which his car has been tended.

And don’t forget that R.A.C. statistics show that transmission troubles cause 27.9% of breakdowns on the road !