pce’s Motorine is thoroughly at home in a burst of speed—revels in revs— takes even a supercharged engine in its stride. In fact, Motorine urges every motor to run faster—to accelerate quicker—to wear longer. As proof, note that Price’s Motorine is officially approved for such fast and famous cars as Alfa Romeo, Bentley, Delage, Invicia, Lagonda, M.G.i Marandaz Special 8c Talbot. For all these and other sports cars Price’s Motorine de Luxe is recommended.

Nor is Motorine less at home in the smoothest and stateliest of cars. To these too it gives added silence and smooth running. Price’s

Most significant of all—Rolls-Royce, makers of the car that combines the best of both classes, not only recommend Motorine, but use it themselves—and have done so since 1906. Follow the leaders! Use Price’s Motorine yourself—it costs no more than other high grade oils. • MOTORIN’E Brand Price’s . Battersea . London . SW.11 motor oil