Auto-Unions at Montlhery



CONTINENTAL NOTES—continued from page 258.

Auto-Unions at Montihery.

The Auto-Union tuning is to be carried out at Montlhery. At the time of writing the cars and mechanics are expected any day. It is possible that Stuck may improve on his hour record if all goes well. In any case the Auto-Unions will be well prepared for the French G.P. •

• Mercs. at Monza.

Monza track has been the scene of the final mise au point of the ‘Mercedes-Benz G.P. cars. The team comprised Herr Neubauer, racing manager, lots of

mechanics, and drivers Carracciola, Kohlrausch, Langer and Geyer. Two cars came by lorry from Stuttgart, and lapped all day for several days, adjustments being made and drivers being changed.

The cars appeared to have new engines, but this is not certain. Outwardly they are neater than last year’s cars, with better streamlining. Hand timing showed them to be 2 secs. faster round Monza than the Auto-Unions !

A European Driving Championship ?

An interesting item discussed by the

Sporting Commission of the R.A.C.I., was that of reviving the European Championship for drivers. The last holder, it will be remembered, was Robert Benoist.

The scheme is being forwarded to the A.I.A.C.R. for consideration.

Heats and a Final at Avus.

The Avus race will be different this year. Instead of one long race, there will be two heats of 100 kilometres each, and a final of 200 kilometres. Half way through the final all cars will have to stop at the pits for a change of tyres.