G. P. Formula Suggestions



Sir,–The new formula for Grand Prix racing cars is a matter which will have very far-reaching effects upon racing car development in the future.

May I be permitted to put forward my views which, perhaps, may be of interest in this most important matter ?

(a) The chief object of Grand Prix racing mast be progress in the design of every part of cars and engines. It is, therefore, absolutely essential that no restriction whatever should be placed upon the use of superchargers and Special petrol, as is suggested in some quarters.

(b) If a limit to car speeds is desired, an engine limit of 2,000 c.c. should be imposed.

(c) It must not be forgotten that public interest is necessary to the financial success of race meetings, and cars must therefore be sufficiently rapid to attract spectators, in the same way that a Continental race does to-day. It is for this reason that I consider the suggested 1,500 c.c. limit as being too low.

(d) There should be no weight limits. Then the manufacturer would not be tied down to producing a car of a weight which he considered inconsistent with safety. The use of light alloys to obtain a high power/weight ratio, together with improvements in road holding, would result in great benefit to the touring car of the future.

May I again stress the importance of encouraging progress in the development of the motor car ? I am, yours etc,



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