LA Course dans la Cite,” the famous race round Monte Carlo, was as far as we recollect the first race to be held solely in the streets of a town, and the same idea has since then been frequently used, for instance at Nimes, Nice, Pau and Vichy in France, Montreux in Switzerland, and Biella in Italy. This year two new Italian events of this type will be held, the Coppa di Bergamo and the Coppa Salem, at Trieste. Bergamo is, of course, a prosperous industrial city 30 miles north-east of Milan, but the old walled town still remains almost untouched, and it is in• that section of the city in which the race will be held. The circuit measures 2.8 kilometres in circumference, and since there is a climb of a hundred feet on the south section and a sudden drop with some snaky corners on the return run, the Bergamo circuit should offer a test almost compatible with the famous one at

Montt, Carlo. Fifty laps will be covered, making a total distance of 140 kilometres or 85 miles. The race will be held on the 19th May, and as the Grand Prix of Algiers, which was fixed for the same day, has been cancelled, there should be some good entries. Not more than twelve will be accepted and the Scuderia Ferrari will probably participate.

The Coppa Salem, at Trieste will be held on a go-and-return circuit at the outskirts of the town, with an unpleasant looking hair-pin and the end of the fastest section. The lap distance is 2.5 kilometres, but the number of laps has not yet been settled. Prize money to the extent of 70,000 lire has been subscribed, and the race takes place on the 30th June. The Coppa Salem replaces a well-known hill-climb that of Trieste-Opcina. The Circuit° di Superba has been the outcome of similar circumstances, the hill-climb

in this case being the classic PontedecimoGiovi event. This latter was held on the main road from Genoa over the Appenines to the plains of Lombardy, and naturally caused some dislocation of traffic.

The Superba race will be held on the 20th October. The course is on the outskirts of Genoa at a place called Lido d’Albero, and part of it lies along the edge of the sea. The length of the lap will be 4.38 kilometres.

The good citizens of Bari, a large town on the south-eastern spur of Italy, are also contemplating holding a road-race there to coincide with the famous Trade Fair which is widely attended by buyers from • all over the Levant. The publicity value of such a race must be considerable, but somehow we cannot see the worthy burgesses of Birmingham indulging in an event of this sort when the British Industries Fair opens there in May.

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