Messrs. Frank Ashby and Sons, Ltd., Stirchley, Birmingham, announce that very shortly they will be issuing a new edition of their well-known International Fixture List. This little book gives a cunprehensive list of motoring fixtures for 1936, including important trials, races at home and abroad, club events, etc. A complete record of motor-i acing in 1935 is included, detailing the occupants of first, second and third places in the more important races, with space to fill in the results of this year’s contests as the season unfolds. Lap-times and similar useful data are also included. A limited number of these fixture lists has

been printed, and those readers desiring a copy should write at once to the address given above, enclosing 3d. in stamps, and making mention of MOTOR SPORT. Having used an Ashby Fixture List throughout last year, we can recommend it as being one of the most useful publications available.

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