DRY WEATHER SPOILS COURSE OVER OLD COACHING ROADS HULD on Sunday, March 13th, the Skurray’s Scramble Trial attracted twenty-nine entries. The event was organised by the South Western Centre of the M.G. Car Club and, whilst an excellent course had been chosen, the unexpected lack of rain made hills very

easy. Furthermore, the day was so brilliant that the marshals more or less sprawled in the sunshine performing their clerical requirements. Proceedings commenced at the Market Square, Swindon, and there were two hills

encountered before the luncheon stop. The first—” Breakheart “—was a grassy track, climbing between a valley, the steepest part (about 1 in 3) being at the end of the section. Only about half-adozen competitors failed. They appeared to suffer from insufficient power at the starting line. H. V. Slade (M.G.), the first man to try, failed for this reason, but there followed a long succession of fast ascents. R. A. Macdermid (M.G., S.) and A. H. Langley (Austin, S.) both used

their second gears to good advantage. C. G. Butler, with his home-built ” Ophelia ” made a worthy ascent. Over tracks across the Marlborough Downs, the course led to “Mount Everest” which, whilst similar to the previous hill, abounded with rocks and chalk. Here again there was a suc cession of clean climbs, the most out

standing ones being perhaps the Austin team of ” Grasshoppers ” and the M.G.

team of ” Musketeers.” At this point, J. P. Kemp (M.G.) was tOwed away, having broken a half-shaft. After lunch at the Swindon Golf Club, ” Wyds Mount,” another chalk hill, was

the order of the day, or rather afternoon, and the refreshed competitors took it in their stride. Carrying on over the Downs, and following old coaching roads, ” Stromboli ” was reached. This hill only caused trouble to a few. H. V. Slade just made the grade and V. S. A. Biggs (B.M.W.) was a little uncertain. P. S. Evetts (M.G.) failed, but as the white metal had run out of his overhead-camshaft bearings, his lack of power was not surprising. ” Heckler” was a twin type to the previous hill and most competitors treated it with comparative scorn. Shortly afterwards, T. G. Runge (M.G.) retired, a flying stone having broken a hole in his

stunp. Thus with more than half the entry maintaining clean sheets, competition was stern in the acceleration and brake test. In most cases, there was only a difference of iths, but A. B. Langley (M.G., S.) with 11 seconds and R. A. Macdermid (M.G., S.) with 12 seconds proved the champions. A “figure of eight” test was to have been held but owing to the large numbers of spectators who had congregated, it

was deemed wiser to abandon this. The final result of the trial therefore rested on the brake test. Notwithstanding the easy condition of the course, competitors commented favourably upon it, and had climatic conditions been normal, the utmost skill

would have been necessary to negotiate. the sections successfully. The results announced during tea were as follows :— RESULTS

Skurray Trophy : A. B. Langley (M.G., S.). Slade Trophy : It. A. Macdermid (M.G., S.).

First-class Awards : C. A. N. May (M.G., S.

W. .J. Green (M.G., S.); C. D. Buckley (Austin, S.

A. B. Langley (Austin, S.).

Second-class Awards : L. G. Johnson (B.M.W.); W. H. Scriven (Austin); J. A. Bitstock (M.G., S.).

Team Prize : The Three Musketeers (all M.G.$): R. A. Macdermul, J. A. Bastoek, A. B. Langley.