The March Short Handicap On the Outer Circuit. About 04 miles

1, C. T. Baker-Carr (61-litre Bentley), scratch ; 2, G. A. Wooding (3-litre Talbot), 38s. start ; 3,11. J. Aldington (2-litre Frazer-Nash-B.M.W.), 35s. start.

Winner’s speed : 120.77 m.p.h. Won by of a second, with 94 secs. between second and third. First March Road Handicap

Campbell Road Circuit. Three laps (about ‘1 miles).

1, K. Gammon (1,808 c.c. Riley), 54s. start ; 2, “B. Bira ” (if-litre B.R.A.), scratch ; 8, G. P. Harvey Noble (747 c.c. M.G.), 25 sees. start.

Winner’s speed 63.56 m.p.h. Won by 14s., with is. between second and third. Second March Road Handicap

Campbell Circuit. Three laps.

1, G. P. Harvey Noble (747 c.c. M.G.), 21s. start; 2, A. Leitch (2.3-litre Bugatti), 34s. start; 3, H. 3. Aldington (2-litre Fraser-Nash-B.M.W.), 34s. start.

Won by 219.

Rehandicaps : Harvey Noble docked is., Gammon (Riley) docked 22s.

A. F. P. Pane (2-litre Fraser-Nash-B.M.W.) was awarded equal first prize, but not, placed, according to the Stewards’ ruling, owing to his being started too soon in error.