Another Under 300 Sport Car




The class of sports-cars under i300 is fortunately filling up again. We have announced the new H.R.G. and the Le Mans Morgan 4/4. Last month Singer Motors, Ltd., announced an open fourseater, costing 069, and, with various items of extra equipment, available at a total cost of 1,181 17s. Very sagely, this new Singer is not termed a sports model, thereby freeing it from frigidity at the hands of those who expected 80 m.p.h. from a 1,100 c.c. sports-car a dozen years ago. It is actually a smart, comfortable open tourer, with a tuned version of the o.h.c. ” Bantam ” engine. This little engine is rated at 9 h.p. and has a capacity of 1,074 c.c.— ideal for competition jobs of work. It has a threespeed gearbox with ratios of 5.43, 9.9 and 18.08 to 1. Suspension is halfelliptic and the brakes are by Girling. The engine has been gingered up by raising the compression-ratio and. using a special camshaft and a new down-draught induction system. It gives over 30 b.h.p. and runs up to 5,000 r.p.m. The

car has 12 volt electrical equipment. Tests on Donington showed it capable of lapping the Manufacturer’s Circuit at 54 m.p.h., maintained for 800 miles. The fiat-out speed is around 68 m.p.h. A very good point of this new Singer Is the attention given to the all-weather equipment. The side-screens of the Singer Roadster, as the new car is officially called, fit very snugly, and glass ones are available at an extra charge of 50/-.