As we close for press we hear of a few interesting cars for disposal. The Anzaniengine(‘ Lea-Francis which itarry Bowler mentioned in his recent ” Cars I Have Owned ” article is in London and for sale at about £25, some R:50 having been spent On it just before the war, when it was 99 per cent. finished, and has not been run since.

Then there are two F.W.D. Alvis 2-seaters, a spare engine, and spare blacks, valves, supercharger, manifolds, camshafts, gearbox parts, front universals, half shafts, crown wheels and pinions, etc., for same, can be had for £50 the lot. A Lea-Francis, less engine, is offered at £5.

The famous twin o.h.c. Aston-Martin ” Razor 13Iade ” is seeking a new home, a 1903 single-cylinder de Dion has been seen in Shoreham, and someone is willing to exchange a non-spring-frame I,000-c.c. Ark! Square Four solo for a sports car, with cash adjustment 6( her way.

“The 1,Vorld’s domobiles,” mentioned in ” Rumblings,” is available as stated, in 1931 edition, at 5/6 per copy.

Seafe has purchased Mrs, Cowell’s Frazer-Nash.

It-will not have escaped notice that by prodigious efforts our magazine has been published earlier this month. To save unnecessary correst-onde n ye may we mention that the date (Arra 1st) is not in any way connected with this event, though possibly some of our critics may consider it most suitable.

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