Letters from readers, April 1943


Congratulations on keeping your excellent journal “alive” in such difficult times.

I read your note about the B.N.C. in January’s Motor Sport, and I have just read in a booklet, published by “Speed” for the B.R.D.C. in 1934, of another of its successes. One of its features is the summary, in tabular form, of all races and results in 1934. For the Le Mans 24-Hour Race of that year it gives the first three in each class. The 1,100-c.c. class was won by Duray and de Gabardie driving an Amilcar. The second car was a B.N.C. driven by Treunet and Manuel. A B.N.C. also took third place, this time driven by Alin and Alin. It does not give any details of the car, but I should think it was the “Montlhery” model. These cars, at any rate, must have been quite fast and reliable to obtain 2nd and 3rd places in such a major event as this Belgian race.

Since writing to you about the Talbot “90” PL4, I have become friendly with the owner and have discovered a few details. It still has the original Fox and Nicholl body fitted which was used when Tim Rose-Richards used to race it. The engine is not the original one, having been replaced by one from a “105”. There is also a Talbot-Wilson type preselector gearbox fitted.

Many thanks again for Motor Sport.

I am, Yours etc.,

Haslemere. L. H. Ovens.