An Ambitious Venture



K. N. Hutchison and Dennis Poore have teamed up and formed the Hutchison Poore Organiasation. They intend to compete under this name in as many Continental races as possible, Hutchison using his ex-Ferrari 2.9-litre monoposto Alfa-Romeo and Poore his ex-Nuvolari 3.8-litre Alfa-Romeo. Hutchison will retain red as his colour, Poore will race under British green, and the organisation’s symbol will be a “Winged Horse.” We know that these two drivers intend take racing extremely seriously and we feel confident that their Continental exploits will not only enhance British prestige, but will also bring useful publicity to such components and accessories as they decide to use. Hutchison’s Alfa-Romeo will have Lockheed two-leading-shoe brakes, and light-alloy cylinder blocks increasing power output by some 20 per cent., while many of the car’s major components, notably in the transmission, have been replaced by new parts of British make. A Type-150 Wilson gearbox has also been fitted. It is hoped that two Formula II cars can be acquired, when four vans will transport these, and the Alfas, about the country. We wish the Hutchison Poore Organisation the success that its initiative and careful planning deserve.

* * *

A Challenge!

I read with interest Mr. Clutton’s article on the little 1910 Bugatti, but cannot understand why he chose the 2-cyl. Renault with which to compare it. Surely the Lion Peugeot and the baby Delage were more suitable playmates, and one would as soon compare the 8.3-h.p. Renault of the 1920’s with an Amilcar or Salmson as one would the earlier model with the Bugatti.

In order to fan the fires of controversy, I will issue a challenge to Mr. Clutton! If he can borrow Peter Hampton’s Bugatti, I will get Ken Waller to lend me his 1911 Vinot et Deguingand 12-h.p. two-seater. No doubt a suitable course could be found somewhere for this historic contest, but I would suggest that to race side by side up Prescott might be the most amusing method of settling the feud.

I am, Yours, etc.,

John V. Bolster.

* * *

With apologies to “Punch.”

Have you a Ford? or a supercharged Cord?
An Ulster? an Aston or Allard?
A Singer with cogs or a special with dogs?
Or just a plain town-hacking Standard?

Are you a trundler, a dicer? (or worse?)
You compete? or spectate? or mechanic?
Do you dodge all the trees looking calm and at ease,
Or rush up the course in a panic?

Can you talk about boost? been up Beggar’s Roost?
Do you shout at your car? do you pet it?
Whatever your views — for real gen and news,
Take Motor Sport — if you can get it!

C. P. Todey.