Reports of Recent Events

Rosario Grand Prix

Reg. Parnell Finishes Second
The third race in the South American trio of Grands Prix took place on February 13th at Rosario's street-circuit.

Farina in the Ferrari won by 31.4 sec., at an average speed of 48.25 m.p.h. from Reg. Parnell's Maserati. Ascari's Maserati was third, Villoresi's Maserati fourth after much engine trouble, Campos' Simca fifth, Cantoni's Maserati sixth and Galvez's "3.8" Alfa-Romeo seventh. Fangio's car hit another car and retired, and Bucci, Malusardi and others also failed to finish. Farina was racing for 1 hr. 48 min. 18.8 sec. The distance was 50 laps or about 87 miles and there was pouring rain to contend with.

New C.I. Rrecords
On February 9th, at Montlhèry a special car consisting of a Delahaye chassis with a Manufacture des Armes tractor c.i. engine installed, driven by F. Lacour, broke five of the c.i. class records held for so long by our George Eyston's A.E.C. Lacour's car with its horizontally-opposed 4.9-litre two-stroke heavy-oil engine did over 20 m.p.g. and averaged 113.45 m.p.h. for one hour. Other records to fall were: 50 kilos., 110.68 m.p.h., 100 kilos., 111.73 m.p.h., 100 miles, 113.12 m.p.h., and 200 kilos., 113.76 m.p.h. A lap was covered at 119.25 m.p.h. A well-streamlined single-seater body with "conning-tower" screen and exposed wheels was used.

V.S.C.C. Driving Tests at Bisley
One attends V.S.C.C. driving tests as much to admire the assembled cars as to watch their rather startling competitive antics. The meeting of February 27th was no exception. Vintage small cars were present in force, including Mrs. Maiden's Gwynne Eight hip-bath in original trim, a magneto-ignition "Chummy" Austin Seven, George Hill's 1921 Singer Ten, and two "10/23" Talbots, one a four-seater, the other a two-seater. These were backed by spectators' cars, which included another hip-bath Gwynne Eight with "Ten" radiator and Rover Ten front axle, a Riley Eleven, an immaculate Bayliss-Thomas and an air-cooled Rover Eight with a "radiator empty" placard on its snout.

Other interesting spectators' cars were a V-radiator Newport Pagnell, a 25-h.p. Percy-Lambert-style Talbot tourer, an early Bertelli Aston-Martin, and a home-brewed Austin Seven with hydraulic f.w.b. The first test involved reversing into bays, which seems a bit cruel to vintage cars. A stop-and-restart test up a steep, muddy gradient followed and was most instructive. It failed Densham's 1914 Sunbeam, which damaged its oil pump cover-plate on a bump, Hill's 1912 Hispano-Suiza, Vaitghan's 1925 Delage, Cooper's f.w.d. Alvis which damaged its brake drums, Towle's 1922 Citroën, the Gwynne, the Singer Ten, Wilks' 1923 Bentley, Doyle's 1935 Aston-Martin which was over-geared, and Olley's 1931 M.G. Quartermaine's "30/98" Vauxhall climbed slowly, Hull's 1.75-litre Alfa-Romeo went beautifully, Cook's. 4 1/2-litre Bentley accelerated strongly, Bateson's "22/90" Alfa-Romeo tourer made a faultless job of it, Sawers got his 2-litre Lagonda up and Ellis', 1925 7-litre Isotta-Fraschini tourer had power to spare. Very good ascents were made by Lord Strathcarron's 1 3/4-litre Alfa-Romeo, Partridge's "14/40" Delage, Harvey's 2-litre Ballot, Cuthell's crisp "12/50" Alvis, Eminson's "12/50" Alvis, and Binn' be-badged O.M. Amongst a generally weak display by the early light cars the ascents of both the "10/23" Talbots were outstanding, while one of the best performances was put up by Bland's beautiful 1914 Studebaker coupé. Most of the modern cars had Iittle difficulty and Leigh's 1933 Frazer-Nash climbed well in 2nd speed. Havart's rebuilt M.G. Midget had a lowered radiator and coil-spring and swing-arm front suspension, which, however, retained a beam axle.

Vintage Cars up to 1 1/2-Litres
1st: W. E. Edgar (1923 Alvista Special).
2nd: J. Ching (1929 Alfa-Romeo).
3rd: H. Dove (1930 Lea-Francis).
Vintage Sports Cars Over 1 1/2-Litres
1st: J. Jane (1923 Lancia "Lambda").
2nd: G. A. Cuthell (1926 "12/50" AIvis).
3rd: J. P. Harvey (1927 2-litre Ballot).
Non-Vintage Cars up to 1 1/2-Litres
1st: J. D. Green (Riley Nine).
2nd: N. T. Havart (MG.),
3rd: T. H Gehlecken (Riley).
Non-Vintage Cars Over 1 1/2-Litres
1st: A. A. Tullock (Hudson Special).
2nd: G. Grigs (A.C.)

The 1949 South African Fairfield Handicap
Held in ideal weather, the 1949 Fairfield Handicap was a great success. In contrast to last year's race, which was held in rain, this year there was a light breeze, with sunshine and cloud. There were no accidents to mar the day, and the crowd was orderly and very keen. The race was originally scheduled to be run on January 22nd, but owing to the general unrest caused by the native riots, it was decided to postpone it for a month.

Last year only one race was held, but owing to the very great number of entrants in this year's Fairfield Handicap, it was decided to hold two separate races, a Junior Handicap over 25 laps and a Senior Handicap over 33 laps of the 2.8 mile circuit. The circuit is mostly on the Snell Parade, a beautifully tarmacked road a stone's throw from the roaring breakers of the Indian Ocean. The crowd, who had mostly come to see the big cars perform, were rather bored with the Junior Race, held for the smaller cars, but they soon warmed up when the Senior Handicap was started and the pace was stepped up. Most popular entry was Basil Beall in his E.R.A. who went through the field from scratch to win the race. His time for the 92.4 miles was 1 hr. 15 min. 54 sec., an. average of 73 m.p.h. Second was Les Miller in his 847-c.c. supercharged M.G. Winner of the Junior Handicap was A. V. Mackenzie in his 747-c.c. s.v. Austin.

Southsea M.C. President's Trophy Trial
The results of this trial, which was held on February 20th, are:

President's Trophy. — R. W. Faulkner.
Southsea Motor Club Trophy. — A. T. Appleton.
Class A. — J. W. Dyer.
Class B. — C. E. Cramp.
Class C. — L. O. Bartlett.
First-Class Awards. — L. Parker, B. N. Frost, H. Clayton, E. C. Spence, K. E. O. Burgess, H. Roberts, V. S. A. Biggs, C. S. Dewey, D. W. Price.
Second-Class Awards. — R. B. Hughes, A. L. S. Denyer, D. F. Dent, G. F. R. Pentony, L. Hollingsworth, W. H. Waring.
Team Award. — Appleton, Burgess and Bartlett.

S.U.N.B.A.C. Colmore Trial
This classic event was held in the Cotswolds on March 12th. Birkett's Austin Seven trials special was disqualified as not representing a desirable car for a road-competition, but 60 competitors started from Broadway. Wharton made best time in the first special-test, Rawlings beating everyone in the second special test, and Flather making best time in the third.

Colmore Trophy (Best Performance): J. Clegg (1,172-c.c. Clegg).
Rhode Cup (Best Performance up to 1,100-c.c.): C. L. Bold (1,080-c.c. Bold).
Shell Cup (Best Performance Between 1,100 and 1,500-c.c..): K. C. H. Rawlings (1,172-c.c. Rawlings).
Bernard Norris Cup (Best Performance Over 1,500-c.c.): R. E. Holt (3,622-c.c. V.E.E. Eight).
Club Team Trophy: "The Tacklers": R. B. Holt (3,622-c.c. V.E.E. Eight), G. R. Holt (1,172c.c. G.R.H.), J. Clegg (1,172-c.c. Clegg).
First-Class Award: K. E. O. Burgess (3,917-c.c Allard).
Second-Class Awards: K. Wharton (1,190-c.c. Wharton), H. Clayton (1,172-c.c. Clayton), G. R. Holt (1,172-c.c. G.R.H.), D. G. Flather (1,971-c.c. B.M.W. Special), A. M. Beardshaw (1,172-c.c. A.M.B.), C. E. Crump (1,172-c.c. Austin), H. C. Roberts (3,917-c.c. Allard), H. E. Heighway (933-c.c. Dellow), R. W. Faulkner (3,917-c.c. Mercury), J. Coates (1,172-c.c. N.T. Special), J. H. Appleton (3,917-c.c. Allard).
Third-Class Awards: C. W. Yates (1,172-c.c. Austin), S. A. Cracknell (1,172-c.c. Forstin), D. W. Price (3,922-c.c. Price Special), L. J. Oliver (747-c.c. Austin), A. W. Morrish (939-c.c. M.G.), D. I. S. Edwards (1,172-c.c. Ford), E. V. Woodall (1,172-c.c. Wol-Ford), P. C. Toogood (3,917-c.c. Ford), W. E. Penn (1,172-c.c. Dellow), J. Readings (2,570-c.c. Lancia), M. Wilde (1,172-c.c. Ford), J. C. Wallwork (1,776-c.c. Standard), C. Corbishley (1,172-c.c. C.C.S.), L. Parker (4,000-c.c. Allard), G. D. Waldron (1,172-c.c. Dellow), H. F. Brayshaw (1,185-c.c. Brayshaw Special), K. C. Delingpole (1,496-c.c. H.R.G.), P. Scott (1,496-c.c. H.R.G.), R. B. Lowe (1,172-c.c. Dellow).

Kentish Border C.C.
Results of the recent Mount Misary Pocket Trial (March 6th) are: —

Best Cup (Best Performance): C. W. Yates (Austin-Ford), 112 marks.
Runner-Up: F. Moorish (Frazer-Nash), 111 marks.
First-Class Awards: A. J. G. Wicks (Riley), 105 marks, W. H. Durling (Austin), 105 marks.
Second-Class Award: A. E. Day (H.R.G.), 102 marks.

West of England M.C.
Results of the Sporting Trial on March 6th over a 40-mile course are:

Kennedy Cup: W. A. Cleave (1,086-c.c. Morris).
M.C.C. Cup: J. Buncombe (1,496-c.c. H.R.G.).
West of England Cup: D. C. Bishop (847-c.c. M.G.).
Up to 1 1/2 Litres: B. Fitzwater (847-c.c. M.G.).
2 Lltres: L. Chard (1,172-c.c. Ford).
Over 2 Litres: H. C. Roberts (3.9-c.c. Allard).
Team Prize: West of England M.C. Team — Messrs. Cleave, Bishop and Ellis.

Hants & Berks M.C. Third Blackwater Trial
This years' Blackwater Trial, run off on March 6th, was for novices in all types of cars and more-experienced drivers handling humble vehicles. The trial was divided into two classes, one for open, the other for closed cars. Snow the preceding night made the nine sections unintentionally severe, but out of 19 entries, the novices finished remarkably high up. Indeed, Anne Jane, with her husband as passenger in their well-known, shortened Lancia "Lambda," proved the outright winner, with 96 marks out of a possible 108. She had only driven the car for about an hour beforehand, yet made it go better in a trial than her husband has done, a very creditable effort. She failed on one hill only, Good Earth. J. T. Arklay was second in Birkett's rather special Austin Seven "Chummy," he and Anne Jane making the only clean ascents of Odiham Back Way. .J. W. Dyer, electing to drive a Ford Eight van, won the Closed Car Class, another stout effort, while the runner-up was R. Willis' Riley Nine saloon. The special test was not needed for deciding ties, but G. A. Naylor had the distinction of making fastest time therein, driving an open Lagonda "Rapier" belonging to his distinguished wife. Altogether, a most enjoyable trial.

Black Water Trophy. — Mrs. A. Jane (Lancia "Lambda") 96 marks.
Winnter of Opposite Class. — J. W. Dyer (Ford Eight van) 70 marks.
First-Class Awards. — J. T. Arklay (Austin Seven) 80 marks, R. Willis (Riley Nine saloon) 66 marks.
Second-Class Awards. — R. Trethewey (Type 45 B.M.W. saloon) 62 marks, D. Lewis-Jones (T-type M.G.) 52 marks.

N.W.L.M.C. Coventry Cup Trial
Held on March 19th, this trial embraced eleven severe hills and two special tests, and attracted 39 entries. On Dent's Delight, a short hill with deep mud-gulleys where two Fordsons tied together were needed to move failures, excellent climbs were made by Hughes' Austin, Faulkner's Mercury, Morrish's Frazer-Nash, Welfare's Ford-Austin, the Clayton, with Ford engine and axles and M.G. chassis, Yates' odd-looking Ford-Austin with rear-set engine and by Buckler, who made an outstandingly neat, effortless climb in his Buckler. Dent's Allard four-seater almost grounded, Onslow-Bartlett had lost first and reverse gears in the first special test, but got his Mercury up, Williams' Ford-Austin was slow but successful, Price went at it fast in a series of broadsides, the Leopard Special was rapid, Dewey was good in a quite vintage Riley, after a great effort Waring's Allard just made both sections and Turner's Allard and Challands' Riley were both good. Wharton's exhaust note was extremely healthy and he got up, and sheer power pulled Burgess' blown Allard through the mud. Lawson removed a marker tape with his H.R.G., losing him section two, Barker's Humber V8 stopped low down, the H.R.G.s of Wood-Dow and Roberts both stopped well up section two, Cripps' Chrysler-engine Cripps stopped near the very summit, while Mead, who had had clutch slip at the special test, let his Allard fall into a mud hole and stop, yet proved able to restart unaided. Dyer's Riley appeared to jump out of gear, Crump's Austin made a good, fast ascent, but touched the tapes and Wootton's Austin Seven, with "Ulster" outside exhaust system, stopped in a gulley in section two. Birkett's Austin and Pentony's Vauxhall-Morris were both successful, although the latter was late, having had trouble.

Longmoor provided sheer gradient, but Frost (Allard), Biggs (Allard), Barker, Roberts, Price, Mead, Dyer, Waring, Faulkner, Dent, Morrish, Burgess, Crump, Turner, Lawson, Wharton and Pentony defeated the first hill, and Wootton failed when almost over the top. The second special test put a premium on rapid acceleration and a small turning-circle; Wharton made f.t.d. Imhof was a highly efficient Clerk of the Course, effectively aided by his Allard coupé.

Coventry Cup: K. Wharton (Wharton) - 0.
1,000-c.c. Cup J. Dyer (Riley) - 15.
2,000-c.c. Cup: R. Faulkner (Mercury-Special) - 4.
First-Class Awards: Frost (Allard) - 12, Biggs (Allard) - 12, Morrish (Frazer-Nash) - 6, Turner (Allard) - 10, Burgess (Allard) - 6.
Second-Class Awards: Price (Price Special) - 18, Mead (Allard) - 21, Waring (Allard) - 12, Pentony (Morrls) - 18, Lawson (H.R.G.) - 18.
Third-Class Awards: Crump (Austin) - 22, Dewey (Riley) - 24, Welfare (Ford-Austin) - 22, Buckler (Buckler) - 24, Clayton (Clayton-Special) - 24.
Team Award: Wharton, Burgess, Faulkner.
N.B. — Numbers refer to marks lost.

Bristol M.C. & L.C.C. Chappell Cup Trial
This trial, held on March 20th, was notable for the all-but unclimbable Mount Pleasant and the very severe and muddy sections, Clandown, Pendown and Norton Lane. These were subdivided and a forward and reversing test held in deep mud on the last-named. The tractors were kept very busy! The entry of 29 included some weird-looking "specials," of which H. E. Roberts' Morris Minor has surely the shortest wheelbase ever. J. F. Saunders' Austin Seven was neatly bodied and powered by a two-carburetter A.B.C. air-cooled flat-twin engine skilfully mated to the Austin gearbox. The two blown Dellows driven by Merrick and Waldron and Best's M.G. climbed Mount Pleasant and, aided by three spare tyres on the tail, Waldron went on to win the Cup, making, too, best time in both special tests. Burgess' Allard had gearbox trouble in Norton Lane. The results tell most of the story — numbers refer to marks lost: —
Chappell Cup: G. Waldron (Dellow) - 75
First-Class Awards: Parker (Allard) - 65, Merrick (Dellow) - 65, Evans (Dacy) - 65, Best (M.G.) - 75.
Second-Class Awards: Readings (Lancia Lambda) - 55, Collins (AustIn-Ford) - 50, Burgess (Allard) - 50, Appleton (Allard) - 65.

Berkhamstead & D. M.C. and L.C.C. Winwood Cup Trial
Held on March 13th, this year this well-known trial was a closed event and attracted only a dozen entries. The route card was a little vague in places, and all the hills, with the exception of Hale Wood, were quite easy. Consequently, a special test decided the issue. One Ford V8 Special was in trouble with fuel starvation. Yates had a very rearward location for the engine and radiator of his Austin-Ford, while Pentony produced a 1934 s.v. Morris Minor two-seater endowed with a Vauxhall engine unit.

Winwood Cup: K. E. O. Burgess (s/c Allard).
First-Class Awards: C. W. Yates (Austin-Ford) and G. Pentony (Morris-Vauxhall).
Second-Class Awards: M. Wick (Allard) and G. Hancock (Allard).
Team Award: Burgess and Wick.

Mar Del Plata Grand Prix
This race, held on February 27th, was won by Fangio's Maserati, at 68.87 m.p.h., from "Bira' " Maserati and Galvez's 3.8-litre Alfa-Romeo. Fangio won by 1 min. 31.3 sec., his drive occupying 1 hr. 16 min. 31.3 sec. Unfortunately, Malusardi was killed when his Maserati crashed in practice.

Harrow C.C. Moss Trophy Trial
This well-known event was held on February 20th and the results are as follows:

Moss Trophy: J. Appleton (Allard).
Cullen Cup, Best Performance in Opposite Class: S. G. Tett (Austin-Ford).
First-Class Awards: V. Biggs (Allard), M. Wick (Allard) and D. Wood Dow (H.R.G.).
Second-Class Awards: B. Brown (Ford V8 Special), E. Frost (Allard) and D. Wootton (Austin).
Team Prize: Biggs, Wick and Turner.

Lancia M.C. Driving Tests
The Lancia Driving Tests were held near Guildford on March 18th.

Best Performance: B. N. Frost (Allard), N.W.L.M.C., lost 26 marks.
Runners-Up: M. H. Lawson (H.R.G.), N.W.L.M.C., lost 40 marks; K. Welfare (Ford-Austin), 750 Club, lost 45 marks; H. Birkett (Austin), H. & B.M.C., lost 46 marks; B. Inglis (Allard), H. & B.M.C., lost 54 marks.
Best Lancia: J. G. Crowther ("Astura,").
Team Award: Messrs. Rumfitt, Frost and Matthews (N.W.L.M.C.).