Easter at Goodwood

There will be seven races in the good old Brooklands tradition at Goodwood on Easter Monday. In the big race of the day, the Richmond Trophy for Formula I cars, the international element will be represented by the Maseratis of de Graffenried, “Bira” and a mysterious somebody entered as “? Carini.” They will be opposed by Parnell, Hampshire, Murray and Fotheringham-Parker in Maseratis, Peter Whitehead in the G.P. Ferrari he drove so effectively abroad last year, Peter Walker in the E-type E.R.A. that he alone seems able to tame, Rolt in an old Delage, the four-wheel-drive A.J.B., Watson’s ex-Cowell Alta that gave 170 b.h.p. before having new rotors put in its supercharger, and the E.R.A.s of Harrison, Shawe-Taylor, and A. G. Whitehead. Louis Chiron may come over, too.
Besides this there is a Formula Libre race, in which many of the Formula I cars will run, and also Bob Gerard’s E.R.A. and Poore’s big Alfa-Romeo, etc. The rest of the programme comprises a 500-c.c. race, a race for blown 1,100 c.c. and unblown 2-litre cars, and three handicaps. Entries include the Rhiando-Trimax, John Cooper’s, Christie’s and Aston’s 1,097-c.c. Coopers, the H.W.M.s, the O.B.M., the Spikins Cromard Special, Fairman in the C.D.L., Dutt’s old 2-½ litre Maserati, some Cooper 1,000s, various M.G.s, the Brooke Special, now with Delage engine, Gale’s famous 4-litre Darracq, Peter Clark’s 1½-litre H.R.G., a 3½-litre Delahaye and, if it gets back from the Targa Florio in time, Sydney Allard’s exciting 5½-litre Cadillac-engined J2 Allard. Racing starts at 1.30 p.m. Special buses run from Chichester station, and Southdown and London Coastal Coaches services (telephone: Sloane 0202) also go to Goodwood, which is 63 miles from London. Admission lo enclosures ranges from 3s. 6d. to 6s. (children under 14, 1s. 9d. and 3s. 6d., reserved), and reserved stand-seats cost from 26s. upwards. Car parking costs 5s. and 10s., motor-cycles 1s. or 2s. 6d. Tickets can be ordered by post, up to April 5th, from the B.A.R.C., 55, Park Lane, W.1. Paddock transfers cost £1. We understand that the B.R.M. will not be on view.