As we close for Press we learn that the Closed Race Meeting at Silverstone on April 29th will again include the excellent Vintage-car One-Hour High Speed Trial, for which the speeds range from 47.13 to 55.60 m.p.h. In addition, there will be five half-mile sprints, three 3-lap scratch races, and four 4-lap handicap races for various combinations of vintage, historic and non-vintage cars. Entries close on April 15th. They are limited, so apply at once. Racing will start at 12 noon and only holders of V.S.C.C. passes can be admitted.
* * *
Those building Austin Sevens to the 760 Club Formula (See, Motor Sport Sept., 1949, page 360) should note that it is hoped to have a race for these cars at the Eight-Clubs Silverstone Meeting on June 3rd.