Another B.R.M. Announcement

We have received the following official statement from the British Motor Racing Research Trust:—
“In fairness to the many inquiries as to when the B.R.M. will make its first racing appearance, the directors feel they should make it known that in carefully considering the question, they have decided that a B.R.M. car shall not compete in a race until technical assurance is given to the Trust that the car is ready to compete.
“Although considerable engine and car development work has been carried out, no high-speed trials have yet been undertaken, or tests on known circuits, against existing lap times. The directors also feel the desirability of obtaining the reactions of one or two drivers as to the car’s handling capabilities in order to be sure that the various features of the car are being developed on the right lines.
“In view of the fact that the development work towards bringing the cars to a racing condition is being actively pursued, the Trust have felt the desirability of bringing in the services of a team manager at this stage. In pursuance of this policy, the Trust have appointed Mr. J. B. Emmott as Team Manager.”
We learn that Mr. Emmott has had associations with Auto Union and F.I.A.T., had dealings with Aston-Martin’s Le Mans activities, and just before the war jointly owned the Multi-Union with Chris Staniland. He speaks French and German.