Allard Activities

The Allard is a car which has earned a very warm place in the enthusiast’s heart, for it evolved directly from the Ford Specials built by Sydney Allard when he was an amateur competitor in trials and rallies. Moreover, as Managing Director of the present Company, Allard drives as actively as ever in competition events, in direct contrast to the bowler-hatted, rolled-umbrella executives of many present-day manufacturers.
The present Allard range comprises tourer, coupé, saloon. K-type two-seater and the J2 Competition model. The ordinary models—if you van call any Allard ordinary!—normally have 30-h.p. Ford V8 engines, the new coil-spring, divided axle i.f.s., and steering-column gear-change. The use of coil springs in place of the former transverse leaf spring slightly lowers the chassis and provides a softer ride.
The K-type two-seater is a new model for those who require extremely high performance with more practical bodywork than that of the J2. The frontal aspect is that of the J2, but the normal Allard front wings are used. There is a slab fuel tank behind the seat, and behind that a luggage locker, while the spare wheel is enclosed. The K-type normally has a Ford V8 30 power unit, but with two Solex downdraught carburetters and alloy heads, the latter available to give a range of compression-ratios from 6.2 to 1 to 7.5 to 1. A rev.-counter is fitted, a remote-control central gear-lever is used and the frame is that of the J-type with the coil-spring i.f.s., but with the normal back axle in place of the de Dion axle used on the J-type. The new model will be at the New York Show and it is already proving extremely popular in the States.
The J2 Competition two-seater now has fairing over the front coil springs and detail improvements in appearance. It is normally supplied with, a two-carburetter “stroked” V8 engine of 4.375 c.c., the alloy heads of which give a range of compression-ratios from 7.25 to 1 to 8.75 to 1.
We stated recently that Allards could be supplied with American engines other than Ford to clients’ special requirements. These cars are, for instance, available from the American agents, and Tom Cole created a favourable impression at Palm Beach with his Cadillac-Allard. The Allard Motor Company is able to ship abroad cars ready to receive Cadillac V8, Ardun and other engines, the engine mountings, exhaust pipes, etc., being, supplied to suit these installations. The Ford clutch is retained in such cases, adapted to the engine concerned.
It may not be generally known that Allard is concessionaire for the British-made Ardun engine. This engine is basically a Ford V8 engine with o.h.v. heads and valve operation via push-rods and rockers from the existing central Ford camshaft. The heads are of heat-treated Alcoa aluminium alloy, with bronze valve seat inserts and phosphor-bronze valve guides. A tulip inlet and exhaust valve with a stern diameter of 0.375 in. are inclined in each hemispherical combustion chamber, with a centrally located sparking plug. Double valve springs are used, tappets, pushrods and rockers are made of high-tensile nickel-chrome steel and the rockers are pressure lubricated. Ribbed cast-alloy valve covers are used and a downdraught carburetter feeds each bank of cylinders through a cast-alloy manifold. A four-branch exhaust, manifold bolts on to the outside of each cylinder block. In 239-cu. in. form the Ardun V8 is claimed to develop 160 b.h.p. at 4,000 r.p.m., and 175 b.h.p. at 5,200 r.p.m. on 67 octane fuel, with 7 to 1 compression-ratio. The rated torque is given as 225 ft./lb. at 2,500 r.p.m. The dimensions of the engine are 30 in. long, 30 in. wide and 27 in. high.
An Allard with an Ardun engine will be at the New York Show. The cost of converting existing Allards with 48-stud heads to this specification is in the region of £200.
Details of these intriguing Allard models are available from the Allard Motor Co., Ltd., 24/28, Clapham High Street, London, S.W.4, where overseas visitors are welcome, and from their many agents. In the States, E. Alan Moss, 3200, W. Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles 6, John W. Forbes, Room 827, 60 State Street, Boston 9, Massachusetts. Fergus Motors, Inc., 290, Park Avenue, New York 17, Grancor Automotive Specialists, 5652, N. Broadway, Chicago 40, Illinois and Bell Auto Parts, 3633, E. Gage Avenue, Bell, California, will be pleased to demonstrate Allard cars. If you are in Brazil, go to Cassio Muniz, S. A., Praca da Republica 309, Sao Paulo, if in Venezuela, to L. Bockh and Cia., San Isidro A San Julian II, Caracas. Enthusiasts in Uruguay should make for Emelas and Cia., Rincon 661, Montevideo, and those in Peru to Sociedad Mercantil International Ayacucho 266, Lima. The Allard’s suitability for rough roads and Ford service facilities, applicable to its major components, render it popular overseas.
Turning to Sydney Allard’s competition plans, he intends to drive Allards in as many sports-car events as possible, for purposes of research and demonstration. He is scheduled to run in the Targa-Florio on April 2nd, driving a standard J2 two-seater with an equally standard V8 Cadillac engine. He is very impressed with the possibilities of this push-rod o.h.v., 5,424-c.c. Cadillac power unit which, although designed for normal luxury-car duties, gives approximately 133 b.h.p. at 3,500 r.p.m. with a 7.5 to 1 compression-ratio. It has a five-bearing crankshaft, a bore and stroke of 90.4 by 92.1 mm., and weighs 699 lb. It will have to run on 80 octane fuel in the Targa, and a three-speed Ford gearbox will be used, in conjunction with the de Dion back axle with a ratio of 3.78 to 1 or perhaps 3.5 to 1. Allard will fly to Sicily and back, but the car is going by road, in his vast Ford van which was a familiar sight at sprint venues last year. If the planned hustle doesn’t break down the car will be back just in time to run at Goodwood on Easter Monday.
For Le Mans the Allard Company has entered a Cadillac J2 Allard for Tom Cole, who will probably be partnered by Sydney Allard. This car runs under the prototype ruling, of course. There will be a strong Allard entry for this year’s Alpine Trial, including three J2s to be driven by Allard, Clarkson, and that elusive and retiring person, A. N. Other. Allard teams will also run in the T.T. Allard will race on Dunlop tyres, Vigzol oil and will use Redex. He expects to employ the Ardun engine in certain races and may fit Alfin brake drums to the J2 later in the season.
This busy programme of sports-car racing will leave little time for sprints, and Allard has not entered for this year’s R.A.C. Hill-Climb Championship. He may fit in a few hill-climbs with his new four-wheel-drive car but his famous Steyr-Allard single-seater is for sale.
W. B.