The Hants and lierks NI.C. and Bristol M.C. & L.C.C. Versatility Trial will start front Castle Combe on April 21st (scrutineering at 9 aatt,) and finish in the Marlborough area. It is open to Hants & lIerks, Bristol, S.1 7.N.B.A.C., 750, W. Hants &. Dorset, V.S.C.C., N.W. London M.C., and Sonthsea members, and entries close lira post on April 14th, at et per car, teams 15s. Cars will be tinted Over three laps of Castle Combe circuit and then be set to climb trials hills, using the same tyre pressures throughout ;

marks will also be given for luggage accommodation, comfort, etc.—an interesting innovation. Mown SPORT leas advocated frequently something of this sort. It is a pity the first Goodwood Members Race Meeting has imm shifted to the sat ac date. I )etails from : M. Burn, 3, Pondtail Road, Fleet, Hampshire. Blown ears over 2 litres are barred. Entries for the Daily !express Silverstone Meeting in May must reach the

11.ILD,C., Park Lane, V.I.N by April 0th—they are free from fees. Good show ! Prize money totals nearly £2,000. Mrs. Rivers Fletcher has presented separate ladies. awards to the N. London E.C.C. to be won by the most meritorious performance at each meeting (driving, navigating or marshalling etc.,) by a lady

member in this Club's 1951 events. This is appropriate, for during the Club's dinner/dance last January, two ladies---Mrs. Rivers Fletcher herself and Miss Williams-. --collected prizes. It WILE at this meeting that Mrs. Tee, wife of the Proprietor of Moron Srimr, presented to Jim Mayers the MOTOR Scoter Brooklands Memorial Trophy and Replica. * * *

Congratulations to Leslie Johnson who, on March 12th at Montlhery, covered 131.83 miles in an hour in his privately' owned Jaguar XK 120. The " sports car hour " is not officially accepted as a record, in any ease, but is nevertheless an exceedingly interesting

yardstick. We believe its history to be as follows : MI S. C. 11 Davis (2-litre 11.M.W.), 102.22 miles. 1037 A. C. Hess 0i-titre Lagonda). 104.10 lath, 1938 Earl Howe (4i-litre Lagonda Mean), 101.50 mihnt (Including stop for puncture) 1939 Mrs. Jill Thomas (2-litre B.M.W.), 101.22 miles. 1939 0.. E. T. Eyston (41-litre Bentley saloon), 114.64 miles 1950 L. Johnson (3i-litre Jaguar), 112.40 miles* 1951 L. Johnson (31-litre Jaguar), 131.83 miles,

• During 2-1-hour run.

One wonders what Forrest Lyeett's famous 8-litre Bentley would make of this run—incidentally Jaguar have not, at the time of writing, challenged its s.s. and f.s. fastest-ever sports car sprint times. * *

The first all-cyclecar speed event for many-a moon, the Morgan Three-Wheeler Club's speed trial at Madre:360d t.:ourt, Worcs., on April 15th, coinmentw at 2.30 pun. • •

" Australian Motor Racing " (Australian Motor Manual, 1-7, KROK Place, Melbourne, 5s, tid.) is it useful guide for emigrants to the sport " down under." This paper-backed 130 page booklet briefly describes and illustrates 77 competing ears, and details clubs, ilistory., personalities, etc. S.U.N.B.A.C. COLMORE TROPIII"PRIAL Cotstolt% TnoPHY : It. W. Faulkner (1,172-c.c. Paul Special), 4 ranks lost. futons CUP (under

1,3(10 ex.): E. Crump ( Harden), 8 marks lost. Smat, CUP (1,300-3,000 cc. un-s/c. and up to 1.300 c.c. sic.): W. H. Waring (1 19(1-cc. ste. Bellow), 8 marks lest. BERNARD NORRIS CUP (over 1,30)) c.c. sfe. or over 3,000 c.c. un-5/c.): A. W. Francis (3,917-ex. Mercury), 8 marks lost. Wm TRAM TROPHY (B. W. Faulkner's team): Faulkner, Crump, Waring. FIRST-CLASS AWARDS : Burgess (lIttrgetts), Corbishley (C.C.S.), Lowe (Aglow), Atkinson (Atkinson Special), Sleeman (Shannan),Boaby (Ford), Harrison (ltatford), Wilde (Ford), holed (Imho( Spccial) tel Tracey (I )Allow). ALLARD BEATS THE FIELD

John Fitch zind Fred Wacker driving Allards.eame first and second in the Juan Perons Grand Prix. The field included AlfaRomeos, Ferraris, Healeys and Jaguars.