" Ro.selantls," St. Michaels, Tenbury, Worcs.



These one-make registers which also exist for Lagonda, Alois, Sahnson, Crossley, Vauxhall, Rover Eight, O.M., ” 14/40 ” Deluge and Lea-Francis, do excellent work in keeping owner-pride at. peak, putting owners in touch one with mother and distributing data relating to servicing and spares; etc.


The Veteran C.C. fixtures for this year are :— :lune :3rd: April 7th : May 20th: „ „ 24th: 20th: 23rd: 28th roitival Ovaileade, ‘Loudon to Midland Run, Coventry to Binning:

Southport Eally.

lliggletavade Spend Trials.

°sled Ratty.

kept Messenger Ran.




Joly 28th: Dorking Speed Trials. Sept. 2nd : Itull-tivarborongh

In addition, the Club -will co-operate over the ‘Tunbridge Wells M.C.’s Rally on June lath, the Bristol MX.. and L.C.C.’s Bristol Veteran Rally on July 14th and the Brighton Run next November.

See. : J. Jane, 411, New Oxford Street, London, V. I.


We learn that during theFestival of Britain Battersea Park will offer its the Fun Fair, Amphitheatre, Punoli. and Judy, Aviary, Schweppes’ Grotto (not Blotto!), a Festiva/ Clock, Merntaid Fountain, Nestle’s Playland, a Night Garden and the Far Tottering and Oyster Creek Emett Railway. Doubtless our taste is perverted, because the only one or these that attracts us is the last-named. We cannot help feeling that had this been the Festival of New York there would have been midget-car dicing under

the are-lights and some bigger-time racing elsewhere.

Surely the British Motor Industry, that. has done so much with so little (steel) for Britain in war and peace (mild have been given the opportunity of staging, if not motor racing, at all events an exhibition of its work and progress down the years. The site could NMI have a bit of 13rooklands,. feneed off from Viekers’ affairs and eontaining a few hangars full of old ears. We believe the Festival planners might have reecivcd quite surprise as to the numbers of overseas visitors, particularlyAmericans, who would have (locked to suelt a Show just to tread the holy ground of the old Motor Course. Certainly it is high time we had a proper British automobile museum, Festival or no Festival. In spite of the several oar museiuns in the States, both coin

mercial and enthusiast-owned, Wit February the American paper Speed Age pressed editorially for a national motor racing Hall of Fame. In England we have MOM old-time racing cars than they can muster in America–so why not let us give our U.S. friends a lead in this matter of a proper racing car museum ? And that does not imply that the cars on show should not emerge and compete in V.S.C.C. and V.C.C. events just as many of them do now from the garages of their proud owners. All we have, speaking Festivally, is the V.C.C. London lo Windsor Cavalcade on June 3rd, for which dare one assume no licences will be required and petrol will be free, or paid for ? Let its in…ke the most of this display, inadequate as it is, to portray the progress of our great Motor Industry.


The L.C.M.C. held its first annual dinner on February 28th, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Gerard and Dr. and Mrs. Harris being among the 85 present.

In proposing the toast of the club the President, Mr. C. G. Duce, commented on its virility, and added that no other club in the College was so efficiently and skilfully run by the students themselves. He then congratulated the club on its affiliation to the R.A.C., made possible by the hard work of the Secretary, Mr. Vaughan Skirrow.

Mr. M. E. A. Manning, the retiring Chairman, replying, reminisced about the early days, and rentindta us of events of bygone days and doubtful legality ! Ire also informed the company that membership of the club was no longer restricted to students, and that it branch of the 13.11.M. Association was being formed within the club.

In a witty speech, the Secretary proposed the toast of the ladies and our guests, and Dr. Harris replied on their behalf. Gerard very kindly agreed to present the following awards for the year’s trials

TREASI’RE 11UNT Mr. vat modi (‘ It • M.G.). mirrort-cveta Ctssti: Mr, C. CriSP:

Rom) Tam (1_’i,o8tP): Mr. lien Shipside (Morris Ten).

Rost) ‘flan. (Opts) : Mr. M. E. A. Manning (Morris Minion).