HIGHLIGHTS of Goodwood at Easter were ” Bira’s ” effective return to racing under his own colours with the new 4i-litre Osea-engined Muserat i, the winning of the last race by Clues’ Lago-Talbot, thus justifying by a very narrow margin the meeting’s title of “International,” and Moss’ winning of tbe new H.W.M.’s very first race. The entry list was not outstanding, emphasising the bad effect which the rising cost of living is having on racing : moreover, non-starters reduced the runners in the last race from 15 to 7. Apart from Moss’ victory the new H.W.M. and Connaught Formula II cars had not found their form. .A big crowd nevertheless watched in a biting wind laced with drizzle good racing amongst “the sporting bloods of the well-to-do,” as our American contemporary Speed Age would put it.

Practice episodes included Abecassis’ crash In a new 11.W.M., McAlpine’s spin and ploughing act at Woodcote, Leston’s spin by the Paddock, and the arrival, per Bristol Freighter. a Ones’ Lago-Talbot, his yellow-hued equipment following in a London taxi ” Bini ” arrived drtunatically from Modem after trouble with his van, which he drove himself when his mechanics went on strike, to quality the Osea on nute,day morning. The Maserati is his 4CLT With a rather more bulbous nose oowl from a 1,100-c.c. OWL in practice, Parnell Set a new lap record of 90 m.p.h., Moss (H.W.M.) doing 87.3, ShaweTaylor (E.R,A.) 85.5; Bottoms (I.R.S.) broke the 500-c.c. lap record with 81.2, Whitehottee doing 78.26. • • •

• • • LAVANT CUP (1,100 c.c. Sc., 2,000 c.c. Non-s/c.). S laps.

c.c. Clark’s is It NS driver, broke ita gear

lever before the start iii ow, very pretty Cromard wont sick, and it was Brandon (Cooper), Moss’ li.W.M., and Aston’s Cooper, going great guns, until Moss woke up and lust won from the aircooled car. McAlpine had spun viciously at Madgwick and bumped the barrier, but was pluckily push-restarted.

1st : S. Moss (11.W.M.). Won by 0.8 sec., at 80.01 m.p.h.

2nd: E. Brandon (Cooper 1,100); fastest lap : 82.92 m.p.h.

3rd : W. 8. Aston (Cooper 1,100).

: EARL OF MARCH TROPHY (500 t.c), 5 laps.

Hartwell bumped his Cooper on an M.G. in the Paddock and dislocated the near-side front wheel. With Alecto-I.A.P. and Daniell’s limeryson absentees, it was a J.B.S./Cooper battle. Sliding at Madmvick on the eventful first lap, Bottoms’ J.B.S. let Collins’ Cooper through to second place behind Brown’s Cooper V. Re soon recovered and, true to practice form, led throughout. On the second lap Dryden’s J.B.S. displaeed Collins’ Cooper and the latter was passed on lap four by Carter’s Cooper. Ailtens’ .1.11.8. fluffed and was never higher than eighth, and Leston’s I.R.S. retired, but the J.B.S. flag Ries high for all that. Pugh’s Cooper also needed towing in. ‘Emery duelled with Brown’s Cooper far back, and the front-drive car was the loser, while Eyeroft, in the other Erneryson, was last.. tat: A. Bottoms (J.11.8.). ‘Won by 1.4 see., at

75.91 m.p.h.

2nd : II. M. Dryden (.J.E.2.).

3rd : K. Carter (Cooper).

Fa-ltat (cup: Collins (Cooper), 79.85 m.p.h.

CHICHESTER CUP L Formula Libre), S laps.

From Hag fall it W:IS Parnell’, ral !cadin2 and Slia‘ve-Ta?l”r his ,11.. dli,1111! P-type 015gnilleetillY. It 1I., the latter’s credit that only 2,4 see. separated I,u r,i1 car and high ere.,11 on, at the finish. .slintore’s Nlaserat

retired on lap one. ltira ” 1.3111.: nicely into the picture to linish third. ItIonilichr, Maser:Ili had thrown a rod iii printiee and did !tot start.

1st: R. Parnell (llaserati). Won hy 2.1 see., at is2.02 m.p.h.

2nd : B. N. Shawi••Taylor ( .1: fastest lap: 3rd : ” It. lin,” tos.so.

3rd : ” It. lin,” tos.so. FIRST EASTER HANDICAP, S laps.

This was rather a I’ i. 1 u the opettinglaps, reminiscent, of a ” 7.sle ” l’iriiitklands. Treeti’s revamped Riley Ninc. re,eliting it, absence of any but tiny air-holes fiir c radiator, boiled merrily led for two laps, Mel] I?een’s ” I.,• Mans ” paw(‘ it. Ituddoek’, erisp-,,ainding wa; third until t’ollins’ cooper I. 101 (ante by with a

rush. On tM, last tip Collins caught but Bradnack’s Cooper 1,100 couldn’t gate! ituddock.

let P. 1,01lias Astper 1.1(10), 10 see. Won by 43.5 see., at ,SI.2 I m.p.h.

2nd : M..1. C. Keen (ll.hl.ILI, I Mill. 9 sec. 3rd : G. A. Ruddttek (11.1(.“.), -10 Se:C.

Fastert : Collins (Cooper), s2.92 m.p.h.


Mr. Ebblewhite made this riee look a gift tor :ihawc-Taylor. given 45 see. start in the new sin…Ie.:301er Connaught, and seemed to have a grudge against Oscar Moore. whose ted -year’s 11.1V,NI, was on wrote”, But we had reeta,ned without John Cooper’s very fast COOper iii, whieli had to give the Connaught 20 seconds and oh nutty made tip 20.6 sec., winning, in a plimo-tinish. s

Plitkirtnet•i.f.s. Fraz,..r-N,di went magma. ceritlY, only swamped by the E.R.A, of Nlart in and Fotheringluom Pa rker cut the’ liv litp. lii W:IS Ow contrast, the Crontad r

Billy Skelly .sIow.

1St: I. Cooper ((‘ooper I .100), 25 sec. Won by 0.6 sec., at S3.99 it t. p.11. 2nd : Ii. N. Shawe•Taylor (Connaught), 45.see. 3rd : E. M. Martin (E.R.A.), !use,

Fastest : Cooper ((‘ooper), 85.80 m.p.h.

: RICHMOND TROPHY (Formula I), 12 laps. Wito nine starters in this. the it

Wito only nine starters in this. the big rms., it was still a stirring event. It hegan in a drizzle of rain and “Min’s blue. yeliinc, heeled osear 1.1 lap one by a small margin Inuit Parnell’s Alaserati after having passed with difficulty. Tle:

redoubtable Shawe,Taylor was thin! 11 :111 ever green E.R.A. Trying to close wit It till! new 0)11.10salon that Was challenging his title of fioodwood’s Invincible, Reg, made a bad mistake, motoring round a haystack by 11.11V.Ant straight and apparently damaged the oil scavenge pump, for four laps later a smoke screen swelled from the red Meseniti as it sped down to Woodeote and Beg, limped: to the Paddock-his title lost. ” Bira” unperturbably built up a vast lead, breakingParnell ‘a tap record by 0.36 m.p.h. in doing to and winning GoOdwood’s fastest race to date. Shawe-Taylor refused to be displaced by the wheel-sawing, duelling Claus anti Fotheringham-Parker (the E.R.A. pa.ssed the Talbot on lap 10) and the 11.W.M.8 seemed to get mixed up amongst themselves and to be somewhat oil-edge. Gertird’s E.R.A. had retired on lap. four. ‘the new lap record is I Mill. 35.13 SerI. 1st: ” II. Bira ” ((bit-a). Won by 17.2 see., at, 57.07 2nd : It. N. Shawi-Tityliir 3rd: p, votheringham-Parker

misteot(will reeord)ht p : ” 10:4c:0,110.38 ni.p.h.


This a sports-car L:11.1• IV:thing MUM O.:tie!, 1;i1,1,• hii,,it •• Man; MI{ ,(;., ‘owl their tyre: how Jaguars may ! it:14.11.S re, banilivapped sister,ar held until the last lap, when NN ielon’s and Craig’s Jaguar X 120s caught it. Spitler indidgeil In tail slides in his ” Silverstone ” Healey in holding olf Holt’, X 1(120, and Waklit, “Silver,tone ” cornered briteidy, though last. titbits looked to have a rough ride,

shifting in seat after taking Woodeot…

m.p.h. tat ” L. I;thlts (li.11.O.), 39 see. won by 7 at 72.s11 2nil : (I, II. Wielten (Jaguar X 1:.120), seratell

fastest lap, 75.99 ni.p,h.

3r(I : .1. hi, Craig (Jaguar X LI20), scratch.


•• ‘• osear had. seemed 1.1 gaff a little in winning the Richmond Trophy Race at record speed coodhew’s ex-Hutchison ” P3 ” Alfa Roineo WaS during the fifth race. Both had reeovered and (….dhew led in Id, iliStOr11. t.:11for three :L trifle and lei dri‘ing manfully in spit, of failing brake: ,o,LI imoming grar-lever_ thu t’ad, to ill’ ” reeentb c,tabli,licd lap record is) 1)01t1,11111; int” third everyone awaits t nekt appearance wit keen ant iiiipit ‘. ii, whiteboad’s 1)1)W lijCSO tifle• 4,4d I.ars weather the passing of the years! -wits fourth nut 1 the 0,ea hY it comiltv mir ‘V.8)(1′.0iA’ lap 1.0111% ilI SilaWP-TIlY10r, airerhily ill piLSSL•SSIO/1 of !In, 111114,’S that afternoon, went by Vial elicad into fourth position. The 11.W..M.0, do what Moss might. remained in tbe background but their day will come, one APIS, Z+0 •• for,ign drivcr, JOlinnie claes from Belgium, in a borrowed little !ago-Talbot of the

latest tYPe. won, anal iit a speed.

Is; : 1, claes (Tultast), „ee_ won at .56.5 m.p.h.

2nd ,j, (Aiia-nomeo), SI,. 3rd : ” it. Bira ” tOsiab seiatell: fastest lap, own itithis

JOTTINGS The I now with tle

The I ‘onnatight, now with tle Dion baek irk’, And if .1(.(;, now haL., TOIlg, separate exhaust pipes fnaut each cylinder of their I ANL-Frallek

engines, stalzgered so that ar, of length. • . car reconverted to s.ingieVag. Fot heringliamParker’, P,. II ..t. is the Poer Itell • supereltar,..9% Very pretty car -Spit:hits ht croncird single-seater, II’ w Nthli four 8.1t,

l() its engine, milli (-xhansts, self-changts box. (lintel t yr.: rack and pinion s.. transverse spring steering, Volkswagen-type i.f.

swing.axle i.r.s. and 2 1,5 brakes. • • • Nsrt t the [tie external air tunnels to the earburet i..1.4….0 the new 11. V ssith pipes running to the

.(11:111111t•N It air pressure. Ihigaiti ” Telegraphlque” and Trial scheduled for Alarch 31st/April let

weri. • • • Those Land’s End conino hors who took a. soliditons interest in Neil Smith’s um Tswana eVeleear In which Boddy rode as passenger may care to know that, although only nine minutes were Wet by the electrical bonfire at the start, retirement omurred a few link% before BasingStoke due to cracked engine mountings. Repairs are in hand I • • • sTOP PRESS.–Villoresi’s Ferrari won the Pau G.P. at 57.32 m.p.h. from R(stier’s Talbot with rarirues .Maserati 3rd. Aseari’s Ferrari made fastest lap. at 600