with high-conductivity fins in pure -alumium bonded onto the outer circumference. Weight saving is not the primary object, but, Wellworthy claim, reductions of up to 25 per cent. ean sometiines be achieved, depending on the design. They claim that Stage I drums increase resistance to fade, reduce friction surface temperature by approximately 100 degrees F., and obviate heat-spotting under severe brake applications. Stage II drums consist of a thin cast iron Eutectoid I 4K6 or Chromiditun

insert acting as the friction surface, in an 50 light-alloy drum. No keying is necessary on the insert, the bond acting as a thermal and mechanical join. Up to 40 per cent. weight reduction per drum over a east iron design is claimed, together with in reduction of friction surface temperature by approximately 123 degrees F. even at low levels of operation, compared to all cast iron drums, and superior rubbing surface, because Series II inserts are of centrifugally-spun material instead of the sandcasting of Series I drums.

It is emphasised that. even Al-fin drums cannot function efficiently if cooling air fails to reach the brakes, and proper air scoops giving axial delivery of air, or even the use of lowpowered blowers to drive air via ducts, as in commercial vehicle practice, are strongly reconunended.

Harold Daniell and Ted Frost----both in the Emeryson Formula III team with Paul Emery, Frost as team manager--each Ilft\TC two Norton engines and gearboxes for their ears.. Emery sticks to his special V-twin .I.A.P. but may change to Norton. Daniell and Emery vill drive nwstly in British races at first., Frost mainly in Continental events, where the team is in considerable demand. 'Me J.A.P.-Emeryson does nearly 100 m.p.h.. at 7,000 r.p.m. on its low-ratio sprockets.

Rumours reach us of Italian inroads into Formula III. A Milan garage proprietor is said to have procured one of the Guzzi twins, which gives 48 b.h.p. between 5,800 and 7,600 r.p.m. on so octane fuel. In a 100-mile race the weight saved on fuel economy alone, compared to methanol-burners, could be some 60 lb. Luigi I3enelli is believed to have it Benelli twin in a Formula III car, and Stangulini to be building three cars with (literal four-cylinder engines, and there is a murmur of two 500-e.e. ears in course of construction by M.V. An 'amateur-built fourcylinder 500 is also under way in this country.

Alas, Cuthbert Harrison is giving up racing, although still a keen trials competitor. His durable and rapid E.R.A.8 are for sale.

Tony Roll. wants to dispose of his racing Alfa-Romeo. lie hopes to partner Ditmican 11;111611011 in a Healey-Nash at Le Mans and generally to clanpete in sports car races. Ile will also handle Rob '1Valker's two Delage cars, the its. car with E-type E.R.A. engine and Seaman car with. Delage engine, when he can get away front business engagement s. These Delage ears are being prepareil by Pippbriaok Garage under !lie supervision of G. W. If. Coles, late of Bellevue Garage, :tided by tollitle. ex-COnt itiental Cars. "l'is inferred that Freddie Dixon's exciting four-wheel-drive project will have normal steering, not four-wheel steering as

originally planned, and that a Ferguson car is on the stocks in which much of the " eleetrickery " is replaced by compressed adr.

Two of the 1950 H.W.M.s have been acquired, respectively,. by Oscar Moore and John Brown.

Unfortunately the B.A.R.C. has decided to cancel this year's Jersey Road Race. It has loSt too much money on the last three Jersey races.

" Bira. " is driving this year as an independent, using a. .4-litre 0.S.C.A. V12-engined Maserati.

Raymond Mays is Public Relations Officer to B.R.M.

M. 13. Ifitkins will drive his Type 35 " 2.8 " supercharged Bugatti again this season, mainly in straight sprints. This is the car with, which Campbell won the 1997 200 Mile Race and which Faulkner drove at 13rooklands. It has half-elliptic rear. suspension, lengthened front springs and an 1-section front axle. devised by Campbell, with substantial brake-torque members. Hakim; has fitted a smaller, cowled radiator and a small fact tank to reduce weight which., if the local weighbridge can be. believed, is now down to 12 cwt. The engine; which glistens. as all good Bugatti engines should, runs on Esso No. 9 fuel and. pulls the 3.85 to 1 back axle ratio.

New unblown 2-litre racing Altas have been ordered by Gordon Watson, Bob Cowell and Tony Gaze.

Beside the Enteryson aforementioned, British 500 exponents_ in this year's Continental " circus " are likely to include John Cooper, Erie Brandon, Ken Carter and — Big Bill" Whitehouse (Coopers), Frank Aikens, " Curly " Dryden and Alf Bottoms (J.13.S.), :and Stirling Moss, Ian Burgess and Ken Gregory (Kiefts). In this country the first all-500s meeting will take place on April St It at 13rands I latch. Peter 'Whitehead will race a Ferrari again this year, with alternative 11 and 2-litre engines:

The t •Ister A.C. Dundrod race this year, on June 2nd, is to be a Formula I event, backed by a handicap race. The Ulster Trophy Race, alas, showed a deficit of 4:1,477 in 1950. 1l..17TERS OF MOMENT—continued from page 161

Whether they seek the garage preparatory to raying, watching a motor race or merely motoring twenty miles out into the country for a picnic, the result's are equally beneficial. To place such benefits beyond the reach of the less-affluent through crippling taxation can hardly be claimed as logical by those professing to provide us with increasingly improved social amenities. The Government must, or should realise, too, that a scattered population, as ours now is, relies more and more on the motor vehicle for transport to and from its labours, and that the more it costs to run the motor-cycles and cars you can count in thousands in the car parks of our bigger factories the higher wages their owners will be forced to demand !

All this, we appreciate, is somewhat, outside the realms of motor sport, but may serve as a Palliative to those whose stomachs contain Budget. butterflies. For whatever the extent of it other blunders, surely the Government can see the common sense of not killing this particular Golden Goose ? If it cannot. and again increases the petrol tax, we mist all endeavour to economise to the utmost, whether from necessity or t.o oonvince our rulers that the motorist will not stand farther !levying. Enthusiasts should contrive to share the running costs of their ears with others of like interests. Those with two vehicles should lay-up the larger one, applying promptly for a licence refund. Certainly if the price of petrol goes up to the region of 55. a “al ion England Will become truly a country of' little cars I VelOcles with mulitly t hirsty engines will be likely to languish in owners• garages and dealers emporiums and sec/m(1113nd prices of such ears to fall sharply ; there is at least the coinforting thought that this country pioneered the small car and gained many of its great racing successes in the

class ! Whether you own mm" 9.1) Alfa-Romeo or an Austin Seven,

the petrol tax is raised again economise all you can in the use of t he shill, so that the Chancellor may be dissuaded, by those diminishing returns, from gambling with motorists in the future.