Reports of Recent Events, April 1951




Particularly after the powerful letter from J. B. Holmes published in our last issue, great interest centres around the results of this extremely arduous 9,000mile event, which included crossing the Sahara. It is very pleasing to find that a Land Rover has tied With a Delahaye and a Willys-Jeep for first place. The results are f

ltZtnatAl. CATEGORY : 1st: Capt. Monnler (Delahaye), M. Lapalu (Land Rover) and M. Veglia rwelys-Jeep). ovss 2.1.rnur. CLASS: M. Vegliri (Willys-JeeP). 24,1TRE CLASS: M. •Lapalu (land Boyer). 1,100-e.e. CLASS: Mine, d’Ieteran -(Vollimeagen), COMFORT COMFETITION ; Lancia

SESTRIERES RALLY (Feb. 23rd-26th)

1st: Villoreal and Astiari (Lancia Aurelia),

2nd : Brignone (FIAT 1,400).

3rd : P10th (FIAT 1,4(10).

REST IN SPECIAL TrisT : Lefebvre (T)yna-Paliliard).


‘BEST l’EfaxntmAlit;E: L. Parker tt,400-e.e. Park(‘r), 53 marks.

CLAsS A AwAsr: : lii. Pants (Austin Seven), 22 marks. pmec-(1,Ass AwARDS : W. Cuff (I,172-c.e. Special:and 1). Bollom

G.P. de LANKA (Feb. 25th)

The 1951 Grand Prix de I alike, organised by the Ceylon Motor Sports Club, was held at Ratutalana rot February ’25tle ‘F he 1.11 mile course was in good condition while lino weather and a large entry promised an excellent day’s sport.

Proceedings commenced with the Maitland Stokes, a race for motor eyoles over 19 laps, The Ifelsham brothers were having a real morning out, for Pat, the elder brother, riding a Velocette, finished first with his younger brother C. D. a close second. To Peter IFernando, however, goes the credit for the fastest lap at a speed of 73.85 m.p.h.

The Grand Prixde Lanka attraeted enormous interest. Tile best racing drivers in Ceylon were to be seen in action. Bilton and Filby were first away closely followed by George Rowlands and Edward Mason. Filby’s special M.G. was now going well and lapping at 70 m.p.h. Filby’s driving was spectacular and he went on to win at an average speed of 68.f m.p.h. Edward Mason drove a fine race to come second on his eleven year old B.M.W. James Obeyesekera, driving a racing Riley, was third. In the sports car event, Edward Mason won with h ease driving his 1131.1V„

In the final race Vilify driving his special beat Ja.111m; Obeyesp e r a. to second place with .1. S. Jinasena driving the supercharged “Magpie ” third. Result. : MAITLAND STAaEs :

1st. : Pat ilelsham (Velisettc). 2nd : C. 1). Belshatn (Veil:caw).

lird : Silva (13.S.A.). PRODUCTIoN CAR ItAcE: 1st. : D. C. Bajaratnatu (Austin (40). 2nd I A Fernando (Jowett Javelin), GRAND P.m DE LANKA : : A. E. F. Filby (M.C. Special). 2nd : Edward Mason ()1.M.W.). Janbis Obeyesekera SPORTS CARS: 1st. : Edward Mason (B.M.W.). Racist: CARS (Handicap): 1st : A. H. F. Filby (M.C. Special). 2nd : James Oboyesekera (Riley). 3rd : T. 8..tinftsena (Ntagnie


BROWETT TROPHY : 13. H. Mayes (Mayes Special). Ft nsT-CLASS A WARD: W. U. ()Men (Austin Comps.). sfafornretass AWARD: 0. F. Williams (Mellow).


Out of eleven entrants two had to scratch, and a third ran a big-end in his anxiety to get to the start on time.

The course covered 30 miles in Glamorgan and included five hills, two of which were new finds for the Club. Good weather over the week-end madc the hazards easier and kept the watersplash thankfully low.

‘the Wenault hill took only one failure, but some marks were lost on the ” stopand-restart ” test halfway up.

The second hill, within half a mile of the famous old Caerphilly Speed HillClimb, • did better and claimed Mrs. Evans (Austin) and A. Ford (Ford V8).

Spectators jammed the foot of St. Nicholas temporarily and those who were on motor-eyeles took the only way out—straight up the hill.

There was real action on Cuckoo Mill. Davies”Priumplx-engined hybrid failing first time up but romping up on the second run with back tyres very low resulting in a puncture. Caderme’s Riley and Ford’s V8 also failed, Alan Ford later climbingnon-stop on foot. Results : Plarmaftt A wore Wtsii I,, t(Iin

111ts,T-0,AsS Al’ Alto ; 1,. Gough (747-ey. Austin Spoetap. SEcoND-CI.AsS A wASI: : K. Kitchin


svEcmi, AwAtu) (best wrforinano, the slay) :Ii. S.

[Pinson (1.201-c.e. tliiljntii sah(,ii), 32 marks lost, SpEoAL AWARD (best perforntanee by a menther of the opposite sex): Miss Corrithwaite (91S-cc. Morris), 52 marks lost.

FiltsT-CLASS AwAuns ; p. 3. Simpson (Ifitaley ” Silverstone SpeeM1). 30 marks lost ; p, James (1,172-t.c, Mellow), 47 Marks lost ; F. Arbuckle 13,022-e.c. Ford), 40 marks lost; 11, 5. Welts-Icy (Austin Ten), 5:: narks last. SEiMND-CLAsS AWARDS: C. P. .N.I,hols billow), COmarks lost : It. E. Killpartrick (Standard Eight), 61 natrks lug ; R. 1). Shanks (1.2111-ex. W).). 66 marks lost, ; .1, A. My”

(1.2S5-v.e. l ), US marks. Inst.


The first hill -was Ilognore, which stopped A. S. Caitws (Hillman saloon), A. A. Bolsom (Austin saloon) and A. J. Range (Wolseley). The hills were in prime condition as a result of the rain which was still coming down, but Hognote had a hard bottom which the bellows and specials, forming the re

raainder of the entry, found and sailed up on.

The next hill was Wiliteliorse NylkiGh gave exactly the same result. At the top was a special test of the to-and-fro, reversing round pylons variety but on a curve, in which M. S. Ewbank had the misfortune to have the throttle on his bellow stick wide open. He continued to complete the test. controlling his car’s speed by the dutch and ignition switelt, to clod: third fastest time in :31.5 see. The best time was recorded by Alan Day (bellow) in 97.8 see., closely followed by ii. 11. Alderton (Maythorpe) in 28 set:. BY this time the two saloon ears had given the Kentish hills best, which was just as well because South Street stopped the remainder of the entry. Alan Day managing to get his bellow furthest up the mud.

Time was now getting on, so having extracted all the ears the trial moved on to the next hill but one, a new hill for the Centian eompetitors, Coopers Wood, the intervening; section, Buckland Bank, being cut out.

Coopers Wood decided the vilifier of the trial as Alan Ikty, the oaly cOmpetitor to climb it, a very stout effort. Results :

KENT CCP A. Day Mellow). FlusT-CLAss AwAans :

SEcoND.CLASS AwARDS I,. Mullen (Mullen Specialk R. II. Alderton (Maylleiciw), M. 8. Ewlian (t)ellow).


The weather was cold and clear, ad ito rain fell, but t here were considerable quantities of’ mud, whieh Rad an adverse effect on the average speed of several competitors. A. C. W. Neely became so deeply embedded that he was forced to retire, and eight others got involved, .to varying depths, two having to be towed out by a tractor—at a cost per head (or per bonnet) of 2s. ed. Results : 1st :

J. H. G011ier (Anal in Sixteen), 205 points. 2n4I :3. L. Dawson (M.C.,), 200 points.

:(01: (1. C. Dix ((areen), B. Humphreys, (Austin Ton), Ili points.


It is unusual for a trial to be granted Classic status after one year, but such was the popularity of the first Jacobean Trophy trial that it was granted this honour. Great. credit is due, ‘therefore, to all those eottneeted with the organisation of the trial and, in particular, to J. C. C. Mayers, creator and sponsor of the event, This year the start was at. bertingfordbury from which point. competitors were despatched to a series of three water splashes, all made more severe by the

prevailing weather conditions. I in, mediately after the water eatne the special test. saturated brakes being deliberately intended to upset braking calculat ions.

Thrift might be described as a long quagmire approaching a watered stony ‘ hill. Certainly the hill presented no difficulty, whereas the quagmire section, although flat, was so sleep in mud that the advisability of canbelling the section was considered. Foytunately, though, conditions improved Aomewhat as time went by.

After the lunch stop, King’s Hill, with the start a bit farther back than last year, came under fire. Unfortunately, lack of co-operation between the A.C.U. and the R.A.C. resulted in the unexpected arrival of motor-cyclists using the same hill. However, with a bit of give-andtake on both sides, everything went off smoothly. M. H. Lawson and C. Bradshaw gave masterly displays of technique whilst the latter’s passenger is also deserving of the highest praise for his considerable assistance towards the car’s clean climb.

Queen Roo, logical successor to King’s Hill, is really the prime section for this trial.

Last Hope was more or less two sections in one, involving reversing up one side of a valley, then straight down back to the start and on up the other side. So to West End, which many competitors had to tackle in the dark. First to stick in that notorious ditch to the right was G. M. Boyes and, his car being a monster, 15 men had to come to his aasistanee. Then a message came down to say that G. L. Holdrup was in a similar predicament about a mile before the start, darkness having obscured his vision. No sooner was he out than E. V. Vero went in again with his DeHow, but the weary marshals had some respite in the DeHow’s comparative lightness. On the credit side, again Lawson’s climb must be commended and Render’s and Holdrup’s assaults in the dark with their large cars were particularly impressive. Results :

THE JACOBEAN TROPHY: M. H. Lawson (1,172-c.c. Lotus), Harrow Car Club.

FIRsT-OLAss AweaD8 : B. Blunder (1,172-e.c. B.B., sic), P. D. C. Brookes (1,172-e.c. B.R.P.), A. E.

Rumint (1,172-e.c. Cotton), E. V. Vero (1,172-0.c. Bellow, sic).

SECOND-CLASS AWARDS: D. D. Render (3,622-c.c. Harford), G. Pettit (1,172-c.e. Ford), B. H. Manners (1,172-e.e. Falcon).

TRAM AWARDS: A. B. Runditt, B. V. Vero, H. H. Lawson, with a total of 240 marks.


Forder Caine first and while difficult failed only G. Scale’s M.G. Coarswell’s rocky step surface did not cause any failures; the restart on the upper muddy reaches, however, halted several. The last hill before the lunch break at Loddiswell was the well-known Bondman, near

Gam Bridge. Found shortly after the war, seven cars only have climbed it in Its entirety; it was on top of its form. R. Hartnoll’s Ford Special looked like conquering it, but came to rest just through the gate. The next hest climb was made by R. Orchard (Dellow), Ken Burgess not doing quite so well as on previous occasions. After lunch the course led to Frogrnore Lane and the special acceleration test, a timed section through some good Devonshire mud. J. Whitefield (9.4 sec.) looked really fast.

Bridle Path, at Stokenham, was certainly the unknown quantity, for when the course was being marked out It was considered too easy, but it proved in fact to be a real “stopper.” Many cars failed even to leave the starting line, although L. Tolman romped up. Battleford next, a long down and up section through much mud with a brake test on the down run, A. L. Chard (Ford Special) making best time with 7.5 sec. Snail’s Castle, the last hill, was in really sporting form and a large gallery of spectators saw some fun and games. There was much wheelspin and gear grinding as competitors negotiated its several 1 in 4 hairpin bends, the smaller cars gaining any advantage there might be in the acute turns, but there were many who required manual assistance. J. ‘Whitefield was unlucky in losing a tyre, thus spoiling his chance of a clean climb. Results

ANON TROPHY AND SOUvENIR: R. }Earthen (Ford Special).

RUNNER P.M.C. Cup: L. Tolman (Ford Specie!). FIRST-CLAss AWARD: B. Orchard (Bellow).


The Sunday morning quiet of Buxton Market Place was enlivened by the sound of the 64 competitive ears arriving at the Eagle Hotel for the start of this popular Northern sporting trial.

There were six observed sections and a driving test, the seventh observed section (Washglites) having to be omitted owing to the record number of entries. T. C. Harrison, driving his new Harford H, won the Premier Award, the Kitching Trophy, and K. A. Scales, driving Harrison’s Harford I, obtained second place and the Parker Challenge Trophy. Result.: KITMING TROPHY : T. C. Harrison (Harford 111).ar

PARR m’BR CHALLENGE Tho : K. A. Scales ( ford I).

NOBLE TROPHY : A. J. Utley (Kemp).

SENIOR TRoPHY : R. A. Hopkinson (Bancroft). ASBURY TROPHY: R. W. Phillips (Fairly). 800vEri1R • AWARDS: J. Clegg (Ford), W. L. T. Winder (Austin), His& B. Kemble (Ford), A. A,

Butler (Clegg), A. M. Beardshaw (Wharton). STANDARD CAR CLASS


SOUVENIR AWARD: P. II. Dickenson (MG:). Twat AWARD: The ” Northern Lights ” : T. C. Harrison (Harford II), K. A. Scales (Harford 1),

B. Wilde (Ford).


About 45 competitors left the ” Plaisance ” Yacht Club, Nottingham, to cover a course of about 75 miles of fairly mild going. Several competitors, however, became bogged and needed assistance.

An eliminating test in the car park of the Club selected the winner. Results :

PILRINOTON TROPHY (best outright performance): W. W. Cope (41-litre Lagoxida tourer).

N.S.C.C. CUP (best award in opposite elan): T. K. Shipside (Morris Ten saloon). nese-Cuss AWARDS: I. D. Forbes (Austin A70 saloon). K. H. Douglas (Austin A70 saloon), B. M. Barton (Talbot), P. Scott (Riley Imp). SECOND-OLASS AWARDS: S. Merril (Lagonda Rapier coupe), 11. Goodman (21-litre Jaguar saloon), P. W. Straweon (Rover saloon), C. A. Booker (” TO” M.O.), F. Brookes (A.ó. 2-litre tourer),

C. Preen (Preen Riley), I. Wilson (Riley tourer).


This event saw British competitors well placed, for Betty Haig’s ” TD ” M.G. was third—she has made a habit of representing us in this event, as a Press photograph which came to hand in our files recently, showing her with Miss Williams before the 1938 event, reminds us. Nancy Mitchell’s H.R.G. was fourth. Mrs. Allard, after beating Mme. Simon’s Ferrari by 2.6 see. in her Allard to first place in the Lausanne hill-climb, retired and so alarmed the organisers that a police search was Instituted; for this she gained a front page news paragraph in the Daily Telegraph, in company with members of the Royal Family I Results :

1st : Mine. de Roquefort (Byna-Panhard).

2nd : Mine. Simon (Ferrari).

3rd : Miss Haig (” rD ” M.G.). CLASS Wnikings

750-cc.: Mine. Roquefort (Dyne-Penland).

1,400-c.c. : Hiss Haig (M.G.).

2,300-c.c. : Mme. Simon (Ferrari).

Over 2,300-c.o. : ?gime. Henri° (Cadillac).



M.C.C. Cup: K. E. 0. Burgess (Burgess Special). FIRST-CLASS AWARD: H. B. Roberts (Robins). SECOND-CLASS AweRns: D. Bollom (Hallow), L. J.

Onslow-Bartlett (Bartlett Special).


SHENSTONE CUP: J. P. Sleeman (Sleeman Sports). CLASS I AWARD : L V. S. Brown (H.R.G.). CLASS H AWARD: L. Shaw (Wharton). Cuss III AWARD: H. Trefenn (Bradford). LA FIRST-CSS AWARDS: W. Fowler 03.R.01, SECOND-CLASS AWARDS: R. P. J. Reynolds (Bellow ,

G. E. Smith (Bellow) and K. Rawlings (Vanguard.

and P. Toogood (V8 Special).

N. STAFFORDSHIRE M.C. BURNHAM RALLY (March 3rd-4th) RUM’ WINNER: J. Buncombe Silver

RUM’ WINNER: J. Buncombe (Healey Silverstone). SPORTS Celts UP TO 1,500 C.C.: R. Gouldbourn (” TO “

SPORTS CARS OVER 1,5000.0.: C. Heath (Jaguar XK120).

CLOSED CARS UP TO 1,500 c.o. : D. Ryder (11-litre M.G.).

CLoSED Cans OVER 1,500 o.o.: F. J. Collins (Ford Consul). BEST MAINTAINED CAR (age, etc., considered):

D. Porter (Bentley).


Glorious weather greeted this event, for novices in good cars and experts in indifferent ears, as it were. The first hill was short but sweet, a restart on a steep incline followed by a nice greasy hump proving the downfall of all the Ford Anglias bar Buckler’s, but not troubling, to the point of failure at all events, a four-speed Ruby Austin Seven saloon, a modern Vauxhall, Mrs. Willis’ B.M.W., an Opel Kadet, or an ADO. A Hillman Minx saloon went up fast where a racylooking Morris-Special had no power, and two Austin Ten saloons, one very wellhandled, nevertheless stopped with spin, while a modern open Morris Minor just wouldn’t look at it. A vast V12 Lincoln, eight up, was successful, and proceedings were enlivened by the arrival on the hill of a Morris Eight wearing L-plates, its worried driver inquiring if he was “right for the motor-cycle scramble.” He backed down. The next hill was a bit too much for a novices’ event, even a fast approach failing to carry cars through the deep mud, and the A00 sinking deep—an Austin of England stuck in a rural English lane 1 After this, not being issued with a route card, we lost the trial, ending up instead at an aerodrome where a racing car was being tested. But here are the results :

BEST PERFORMANCE AND BEST OPEN CAR : A. J. WIldy (Ausford), 90 marks. BEsT CLOSED CAR: Mrs. Willis (B.M.W.), 88 marks. ;FIRST-CLASS AWARDS: if. W. Taylor (M.G.-Ford), 3. Pettifor (Ford Special), Major Hutt (Hunt

Special), D. C. E. Johns (Austin A00).


F.T.D. : A. Brooker (Cooper-J.A.P. 1,000). FASTEST Simms CAR: J. It. Stoop (” Mille Miglia ” Frazer-Nash).

FASTEST M.G. : A. Scott-Brown (“TD “), FASTEST VINTAGE CAR: S. Sears (1914 T.T. Sunbeam).


BEST PERFORMANCE oF THE BAY (JEANS GOLD CUP): W. L. T. Winder (1,172-c.c. Austin, s/c.), Lost 7 marks.

11118T IN OPPOSITE CLASS (WADE CHALLENGE Our): Mies If. B. Kemvie (1,172-c.c. Ford), lost 10 marks.

BEST LIVERPOOL M.C. MEMBER (LESLIE SCOTT TROPHY): B. I). Wadsworth (1,172-c.c. Ford, s/c.), lost 10 marks.

Fran-CLAM AwANDS : F. Dean (1,172-c.c. A.W., sic.), lost 12 marks ; C. Corbishley (1,446-c.c. C.C. Special), 12 marks ; K. It. Bailey (1,442-c.c. Bailey Special), 12 marks.

Sitooisb-CLiss AWARDS : J. Clegg (1,172-c.c. Clegg, sic.), lost 12 marks ; A. W. Lines+ (1,172-c.c. A.W., s/c.), 14 marks ; If. U. Cryer (1,172-c.c. Ford Special, sic.), 15 marks.

Turao-CLsims AWARDS: J. C. Wallwork (1,776-c.c. Standard), lost 19 marks ; S. Horsfield (1,172-e.c. Ford), 22 marks ; P. J. Clay (1,172-c.c. Austin), 17 marks ; C. K. Hardman (1,172.c.c. 1)ellow, sic.), 15 marks ; A. W. Francis (3,917-c.c. H.R.°. Mercury), 20 marks ; IL Swum (1,172-c.c. B.N. Special, sic.), 22 marks.

Timm AWARD: Bailey, Corbishley, Wadsworth, lost 34 marks.


BEST A.GORP,GATE PERFORMANCE : K. G. J. Madgwlek (Austin Ten).

FIRST-CLAsS Awsum: 2nd : B. N. Webster (Lluckland A.C,), who also won the lluekland Trophy ; 3rd : R.. A. Johnson (Jowett Javelin); 4th : 3. A. IL Gott (Ford).

ftCOND-CLASS AWARDS: 6th : Barclay Inglis (Allard) ; 6th: J. 0. Smith (Jaguar),’ 7th : T. c. Sanders (Ford); 8th : A. J. M. Griffiths (Austin) ; and 9th: K. E. Westover (Morris Minor).

YORKSHIRE S.C.C. ” 4/44 ” TROPHY TRIAL (March 11th)

journeyed to the Frozen North to revisit familiar war-time haunts and see this classic trial, quickly and very comfortably in a Jowett Javelin with “Spa Replica ” engine. In Yorkshire plenty of trials-sections are available sufficiently far from civilisation to trouble no one but the competitor. Leys Lane was like this, a long grass-hill in a lonely area between those stone walls so typical of this part of Yorkshire, the job made difficult by a chicane” the club had erected near the top. Some came up fast, like the Oliver Special, the Bailey, Dean’s A.W. Special, some tackled it slowly, Alldred’s Ford recovering well, but the mud at the ” chicane” defeated all except T. C. Harrison’s Harford, H. H. Cryer (Ford), C. Corbiahley (C.C.S.) and A. Alldred (Ford). The Bailey got tluough the ” chicane” before it stopped, Corbishley’s

lady passenger bounced, can we say, “manfully,” and Dean’s A.W. Special, Wilde’s Ford and Bradley’s Morford all looked like being successful only to spin to rest. The Wilson Special, more sedate than the Morford, failed at about the same spot, Lilley’s A.W. Special cleared the “chicane,” but Haithwaite’s Ford, Phillips’ Fairley and the Underwood Special not only eventually stopped but destroyed ropes and flags into the bargain, although Phillips continued just beyond these hazards.

Clapham’s Gray, Bramley’s A.G.S., which had a three-S.U. Alvis engine in a vintage Darnicq chassis, racing driver Prank Aikens in an Austin Seven, and the Wingfield Special didn’t get far from the line, for the hill became steadily more slippery and, in spite of a snowstorm, Clay’s Austin emitted a record steamcloud and others lost much water as vapour. And so they continued to fail, Tooth’s Dellow ” Tear-Away-Tess ” and a non-competing Land Rover included. An efficient telephone system enabled the approach road to be kept clear and throughout the day we saw men armed with clippers—they were not, as we first imagined, patriots practising for the next railway strike, but Y.S.C.C. marshals operating a new checking system entailing clipping holes in competitors’ score-cards.

I4 or the post-lunch session the cars moved to that powerful piece of country, Blubberhouses Moor, where we got momentarily lost in a snowstorm, causing our passenger to remark that apparently we had deviated to Siberia.

However, we were able to discover that the Y.S.C.C. had some more “real stoppers” up its sleeve, including Snowdon, which didn’t mean we had penetrated into Wales (1), a mud-hole in a wood and another on the Moors, and a steep section up the side of a field. These caused /ots of failures. A notable feature was the number of spectators’ cars that followed the trial. Results “

4/44″ Morin( : C. Corbishley (C.C.S.), 9 marks lost.

GAmings Thom : T. C. Harrison (Milord 11), 11 marks lost.

TH/RD Mies:: J. Clegg (Clegg). 20 =irks lost, MER1TORIOGS PERFORMANCE PRIZE : B. C. Needham (Austin).

NOVICE’S AWARD: W. 8. Mason (Bellow).

TEAM AWARD: Westriders Team (T. C. Harrison, E. Harrison and M. Wilde). Sorrvvrat AWARDS: A. J. Lilley (A.W. Swint), W. A. Grayson (Grayson), K. It. Bailey (Bailey,

K. W. Phillips (Fairlev). 51. Wilde (Ford), F. Dean (A.W. Special).


Poissoga Awnan Pentony (Cyclops).

FIRST-CLASS AWARDS: Cl. Gateman (Bugatti), V.S.C.C.; L. Murray-Austin (Lancia Lambda), Lancia M.C.; M. H. Lawson (Ford/Austin Special), N.W.L.M.C.

NOYICE’S AWARD: A. D. Hasemere (Austin), 760 C.C. TRAM AWARD: Lands MC. (L. Murray-Austin, Paul Pulver and K. Snowden). SPECIAL AWARDS: Beat jperforntance—best Inncia

L. Murray-Austin ; S. Sedgwick, B.D.C.: 0. S. Elphiristone, Legonda C.C.; G. Gahagan, V.S.C.C.; P. Linney, Hants 42 Barks C.C.; A. D. Hasemere, 750 C.O.


(March I I th)

KENNETT Mamma. TROPHY: W. Cuff (1,172-c.c. Cuff Special), no marks lost.

CLASS I (tIP TO 1,100 0.0.) : 13. E. Roberts (999-c.e. ltobros), no marks lost.

Cl.u03 11 (HT To S000 0.C.): Dr. J. T. Spare (1,172-c.c. Whitefield Special), no marks lost.

M.C.C. CUP (VISITORS’ AWARD) IL Willson (1,172-c.c. H.R.G.), no marks lost.

WENT OF ENGLAND TANKARD: X. 3. WhIteileld (1,172-c.c. Vord Special), no marks lost.

ENNA TEOPRY TEAM AWARD: Taunton M.O. (B. Fitzwater, J. J. Whitefteld and L. J. Tolman), no marks lost.

FIRST-CLASS AWARDS: D. W. Price (1,172-c.c. Price Special), A. B. Napiyer (1,172-c.c. Ford Whisper), L. Parker (1,172-c.c. Parker Special).

SECOND-CLASS AWARDS: C. C. Evans (1,991-0.n. Decoy), L. j. Tolman (l,172-c.c. Betsy)’ Bruce Blundell (1,172-c.c. li.B. Special), B. “Itzwater (1,087-c.c. Riley Special).

SYRACUSE G.P. (March 11th)

Formai. 1 RACE (80 laps):

1st: L. Villoresi (4-I-litre Ferrari), 2 hr. 57 mm. 31.3 sec. 2nd : L. Serafini (41-litre Ferrari), 79 laps, 3rd : Fischer (21-litre Ferrari), 77 laps. Fos:NOLA II RACE (25 laps):

1st : Stagnoti (Ferrari), 1 hr. 2 min. 40.2 sec. 2nd : Marzotto (Ferrari), 1 hr. 2 min. 46.4 sec. 3rd : Bianchetti (Ferran). 11000.0. ItseE (26 laps):

1st : Sighinola (FIAT-Stanguellin1), 1 hr. 6 min. 20.3 see.

Sad: Farcioli (Osca), 1 hr. 5 min. 495ec.

3rd : (FIAT-Stanguellini). 6444y*


Motoring notables gathered at Hatchard.s, Ltd., Piccadilly, on March 12th, to hear, from Sir Thomas Moore, C.B.E., M.P., how this firm intends to break fresh ground and take books to the customer in a ” 40/50 ” Rolls-Royce suitably adapted for the purpose. Earl Howe was present to bless this venture and explain that motor-racing books will be the first to be dealt with in this manner.

The Rolls-Royce stood outside throughout this pleasant ceremony, and we knew at once that Hatcluirds must be a very influential firm, because whenever we leave a car in Piccadilly, even for ten minutes, the fine costs at least 408.1 We should have said that this lofty vehicle with its disc wheels was a late-model “Silver Ghost” had we not been told that it is, in fact, a 1029 “Phantom I” with the o.h.v. engine. It is very nicely finished and you should watch for it at this season’s races—vending books, not competing, you understand. Apparently Rolls-Royce have given this enterprising venture their blessing, for their Mr. Stratford was noticed amongst the cocktail-imbibers. And, naturally, many famous motoring authors like Pomeroy, Monkhouse, Kerslake, Nockolds, EasonGibson, Walkerley, Boddy and others were present, eager, no doubt, to learn how additional royalties are to be earned for them by F. & E. Stoneham, the branch of Hatchards which is behind this mobile bookshop. • 4440


As we were closing this issue for Press, rather early due to the proximity of the Easter vacation, we received the 1951 Aston-Martin Register. It is a Splendid effort on the part of the A.M.O.C. From it we learn that 741 Aston-Martins have been built since 1921; this beautifullyproduced Register lists about 415 of them, referenced by chassis numbers, in eight type-sections, by registration numbers, and under members names, and frequently illustrated. We believe a few copies of this 72-page art-paper book are available to non-members, price 2s. Od. Apply with rapidity to : A.M.O.C., 554, Limpsfield Road, Upper Warlingham, Surrey.