British victory at Sebring

As we close for Press we learn that a British Frazer-Nash won the American 12-Hour Sports Car Race at Sebring, with a Jaguar second, and that other British cars were placed highly.

1st: Grey and Kulok (Frazer-Nash), 758.45 miles, 63.2 mph. 2nd:  Scott and Carroll (Jaguar XK120) and Irish and Fergus (Siata-Fiat)-tie, 732.25 miles, 61.02 mph. 4th : O’Brian and Kennedy (Ferrari), 721 miles, 60.08 mph. 5th: Wallace and Yates (Jaguar XK120), 711.25 miles. 59.27 mph. 6th: Ash and Van Dris (TD MG) and Bonnet and Cook (DB)-tie, 706.10 miles, 58.82 mph.