Picture of a Spyker!


As Mr James P Smith, of Oakworth, says, it is unfortunate that he has no photographs of the Spyker car, and I thought you might like to produce the enclosed photograph, which was taken in 1905 at Rhyl. The car was supplied by Lowe and Wood Ltd, of Birmingham. My mother and father occupy the front seats and with friends must have provided a fairish load, as I understand the gentleman standing in the rear weighed at least 18 stone. It is not so surprising that on the return journey the Spyker overturned into a ditch. My mother was then sitting in the back–was the only one left in the car, and was heard to ask in a small voice, “Have I got to get out too ?” With the assistance of two horses from a local farm the car was got going without more ado.

I think you will agree it looks a very fine car for its age.

I am, Yours, etc,

LS Richards, Solihull.