Reports of Recent Events, April 1953


Edinburgh  U.M.C. Driving Test (Feb. 21st)

1st: R. M. McLaughin (M.G. TC); 2nd: W. S. Howgate (Bentley); 3rd: N. Somerville (TA M.G.).


Taunton  M.C. Miniature Rally (Feb. 22nd)

T.M.C. Cup (Best Performance): W. G. Cawsey (Ford Zephyr);  Runner-up: Dr. J. T. Spare (Standard Vanguard); First-Class Award: E. V. Beach (Humber).


Cheltenham M.C. Forest Rally (Feb. 22nd)

Best Performance: A. E. Tumin (Standard); First-Class Awards: C. M. Walker (Fiat), T. Buckingham (Vauxhall), Miss Pearson (Standard), K. W. Hobbs (Morgan), K. Noel-McGeogh (Singer).


Nottingham S.C.C. Pilkington Trial (Feb. 22nd)

Premier Award: H. A. Shaw (Austin);  Runner-up: N. B. Shepperson (H.R.G.).  First-Class Awards:  M. W. Newbold (Morris), .J. S. Hollings (Morris).  Second Class Awards: S. Asbury (Ford), P. C. Todd (Sunbeam-Talbot), J. M. S. Keen (Morris).


Sam Collier Six-Hour Race,  U.S.A. (Feb. 25th)

Distance: 1st, J. Fitch (Cunningham), 82.2 m.p.h;  2nd, W. Spear/P. Hill (Ferrari), 82.0 m.p.h.; 3rd, J. Kimberley/G. Hunston (Ferrari).

Handicap: 1st, B. Cunningham (Osca), 77 m.p.h; 2nd, Kimberley/Hunston (Ferrari); 3rd, R. Makins/F. Bott (Osca).


Sestriere Rally (Feb. 26th/Mar. 3rd)

1st: Seibert/Holz (Citroën Six).

2nd: Scala/Mazzonis (Lancia).

3rd: Damonte/Marsaglia (Lancia).

Up to 750 c.c. — Maranzana/Carlotti (Dyna-Panhard).

Up to 1,500 c.c. — Scala/Mazzonis (Lancia).

Up to 2.000 c.c. — Demonte/Marsaglia (Lancia).

Over 2.000 c.c. — Seibert/Bolz (Citroën).

Production Sports Cars — R. Valerzano/Sponsetti (Lancia).

Greatest Distance — Rogers/Condovi (Riley).


Rhyl  & D. M.C. Braid Trophy Rally (Feb. 28th/March 1st)

Braid Trophy: A. Robinson (Austin Seven) and J. Jones (M.G.);  Brookes Parry Trophy: S. Kennedy (S.S.100);  Novices’ Award: N. V. Bier (Austin Sixteen);  Open Cars under 1-1/2-litres: T. Davies (Wolseley Special) and J. Winn (Dellow); Closed Cars under 1-1/2-litres:  B. Wallis (Standard Eight) and Mrs. Fenton (Austin A40); Open Cars over 1-1/2-litres: B. Davies (Morgan Plus Four); Closed Cars over 1-1/2-litres:  M. Hinde (Alvis) and G. Sterling (Sunbeam Talbot).


W. Essex C.C. Moonlight Rally  (Feb. 28th/March 1st)

The first Map Reference in a course of 200 miles was Barwick Ford, just north of Ware where competitors had to cross a ford 40 ft. wide and about 1 ft. in depth; they then proceeded to the next control which was at Stanstead where there was a wheel-changing test against the stop watch.

At the third control the competitors had to maintain an average speed over a short circuit; the mileage had to be worked out by them.

The next Map Reference was at Newmarket and then on to Thruxton. At these controls clues had to be found. Having found these clues the next Map Reference was at Wormingford Aerodrome, five miles from Colchester, where two tests were carried out at dawn. After these tests the competitors proceeded to Gally Wood Horse Race Track where a simple questionnaire had to be answered. (It was surprising how many competitors did not know their own registration number or tyre sizes).

The competitors then carried on to the final check at the Club Headquarters at Woodford Bridge.

There were no competitors with clean sheets, and everyone voted it a thoroughly enjoyable rally.

Best Performance: J. V. Lewis (Riley), 23.

1st Class: D. McTurk (Ford), 38; E. Thurston (Vauxhall), 74; H. Bodger (Austin), 82; S. Pipe (Ford), 90.

2nd Class: D. Hayes (Standard), 112; J. Lavers (Jaguar), 115; .J. Williamson, (M.G.), 118.


Munster  M.C. & C.C. Spring Trial 

Relie Cup, Best Performance: D. Conway (TD M.G.); First Class Award: A. Canty (Singer Nine); Saloon Award: D. O’Leary (Wolseley Fourteen).


Dublin  U.M.C. Night Trial

Best Performance: K. P. Murray (M.M.2); First-Class Awards: M. Carey (M.K.V), H. Johnson (Lancia Special), C. Vard (C.E.R.). E. Connell (Ford Special); Second Class Awards: A. L. Young (M.G.), J. Gibney (Ford Special), G. D. P. Colley (Volkswagen). M. C. Hogan (M.G.), T. D. Lord (Ford Prefect); Saloon Award: Colley (Volkswagen).


S.S.C.C. Moonbeam Rally 

First-Class Award: N. L. Paterson (M.G.); Second-Class Awards: G. Noble (Vauxhall), I. Bennie (Riley), H C. Ballantine (Riley); Ladies’ Award: A. Neil (Standard).


Shenstone & D. C.C. Trial (March 1st)

Shenstone Cup: R. Kemp (Kemp); Shenstone Trophy: J. Deeley (Cranford); Saloon Cars: B. J. Smith (Ford); Production Sports Cars: G. A. Lewis (H.R.G,); Trials Cars (1913): B. J. Bodenham Dellow s/c.); Trials Cars (1949): G. M. Grindall (Dellow s/c.); First Class Awards: W. A. Scott (Bradford), J. W. Rowley (Austin), L. M. Austin (Dellow), W. E. Wykes (Dellow); Second-Class Award: L. J. Tracey (Dellow).


Yorkshire S.C.C. 4/44 Trial (Mar. 8th)

4/44 TrophyT. C. Harrison (Harford).

Gambles Trophy — .A. D. Alldred (Bassinett).

First-Glass Awards — A. W. Lilley (Wharton), E. Harrison (Harford), A. Richardson (Ford Special).

Best Old Formula Car — P. Dickinson (G.R.H. Special).

Ditto, First-Class Award — D. S. Rayner (Allard).

Team Prize — “The Westriders ” — T. C. and E. Harrison and M. Wild (Ford Special).


Cambridge U.A.C. Speed Trial (Mar. 8th)

Up to 1,201 c.c.:  D. Moore (M.G.), I min. 18.67 sec.

1,201-1,500 c.c. — D. Moore (M.G.), 1 min. 18.00 sec.

1,500-2,500 c.c. — J. R. Stoop (Frazer Nash), I min. 15.34 sec.

Over 2,000 c.c. — G. D. Parker (Jaguar), I min. 15.10 sec.

Racing Cars — L. Marr (Connaught), 1 min. 13.88 sec. F.T.D.


Hants & Berks  M.C. Blackwater Trial  (Mar. 8th)

Best Performance. — C. L. J. Fisher (Gregory Special).

Open Cars.—C. L. J. Fisher (Gregory Special).

Closed Cars.—B. C. E. Johns (Austin A90).


East Anglia M.C. Auto-Cross

The success of this venture can be judged by the fact that some three hundred cars filled the car park, and a thousand spectators were estimated to be in attendance. The 3,000-yd. oval-shaped course, mainly flat, twisted its way through Chalkney Wood, near Earls Colne. Most popular section obviously was the water-splash. After the first few cars had ploughed their way through the water took on the consistency of thick muddy cream!

Best time of the meeting, was returned by P. S. Price in a blown Dellow, 3 min. 52 sec.; each competitor making two runs over the course. The second timed test entailed a sprint in a huge bowl-like hollow with a tight turn around. Here A. W. Guppy (s/c. Dellow) hit a tree, which rather bent his off-side stub axle. This was rectified to enable him to continue.

The final sprint test on the river bank provided excitement, though marred by Guppy’s car getting into a bad skid and over-turning. He was unscathed but his lady passenger had to receive hospital treatment.

The organisers provided a course, tough in parts, without being a chassis breaker. They propose to hold a repeat in October on similar lines. — W. J. F.


London M.C. Coventry Cup Trial (Mar 8)

Advanced spring weather greeted the assembly at the Spring Tavern, Wrotham Hill. The eight sections were grouped in the Boxley area, off the Chatham-Maidstone road, the approach being via picturesque and historic Aylesford.

Though conditions underfoot were favourable, some sections were so tough that all finishers received penalty marks. There were eight retirements from 25 starters. The spectators enjoyed the “rough stuff,” particularly in sections 5, 6 and 10.

E. Chandler (Chandler), second-class award, departed from his usual dignified style on section 5 and literally stood his car on its rear treads. The deep gulleys on No. 6 provided fun for the onlookers and jarred bones for crews.

After lunch the sections were used again, some reversed, other, modified. No. 9 was unassailable, and W. Waring did well here, though his failure on No. 14 probably cost him the top award; however, he was the runner-up at the end of the day. His W.H.W. Dellow performed better than in the R.A.C. Championships.

The root-strewn surface of No. 10 resembled oversize corrugated sheeting, and provided some thrills. Acceleration and reversing tests were held in a narrow, greasy-surfaced lane, with lots of sliding.

R. Chappell (Dellow) performed consistently throughout the day to win the Coventry Cup. Full marks to cars and crews for surviving the harder sections.

Altogether an enjoyable event, thanks to ample marshalling and slick timing. Tony Rumfitt, dashing about the bumpy terrain, kept everyone in the picture. But, whose car was he using?

Tea followed, at the top of Wrotham Hill, where the provisional results came through with gratifying speed, thanks to Mr. D. W. Price and his colleagues.—W. J. F.

Coventry Cup –.R. F. Chappell (Dellow).

Runner-up — W. H. Waring (W.H.W. Dellow).

Best 1949 FormulaD. W. Price, Jnr. (Price Special).

First-Class Award — B. H. Dees (Deeford) and P. A. Barden (Cotton).

Second-Class AwardsE. J. Chandler (Chandler) and E. W. Vero (Dellow).