Fixtures for April

R. = Restricted Event.   C. = Closed Event.    C.I. =  Closed Invitation Event.    N. = National Event.   I. = International  Event.

3rd-5th: M.C.C. Trial, Land’s End. — C.I.

4th:  Tenby M.C. Hill Climb, Lydstep. —  C.I;  Bristol M.C. and L.C.C. Race Meeting, Castle Combe —   C.I.

4th-5th:  M.G. C.C. (S.E.). Sporting Trial, Essex. —  C;   N. Staffs M.C. Night Rally, N. Wales —  C.

4th-6th:  Scottish S.C.C. Rally, Gleneagles.–  N.

4th-7th:  Ulster A.C. Circuit of Ireland. — N.

5th: — Chester M.C. Trial, N. Wales. —  C.I.;  Sheffield and Hallamshire M.C. Trial, Derbyshire. — C;   Furness D.C.C., Trial, Lake District. —  C;   Worcestershire M.C. Rally, Worcestershire. —  C.

6th.—B.A.R.C. Race Meeting, Goodwood. —  I;   Half-Litre C.C. Race Meeting, Brands Hatch. —  C;   Jersey M.C. and L.C.C. Sand Races, St. Ouens. —  C;   W. Cornwall M.C. Hill Climb, Trengwainton. — C.I.

11th.—Armagh and D. M.C. Trial, Armagh. —  C;   Veteran C.C. of G.B. Rally, Leicester. —  C;   750 M.C. Night Trial, Hampshire. — C;   Midlands M.E.C.C. Rally, Wales. C.I.

12th.—Bugatti O.C. Rally, Prescott. — C;  Civil Service M.A. (Manchester) Trial.–  C;   Southsea M.C. Hunt Trophy Trial, Longmoor, Hants, 11 a.m;  W. Essex C.C. Sprint, Boreham — N;  Hagley and D. M.C. Rally, Shropshire — C;  Winfield J.C. Race Meeting, Charterhall — C;  M.G. C.C. (N.W.). Trial, Derbyshire — C.I;  Morgan 3-Wheeler Club. Sprint, Madresfield, 2 p.m;  B.A.R.C. (S.W.). Hill Climb, Brunton — C;  Aberdeen and D. M.C. Trial, Aberdeen — C.

15th-18th:  Isle of Wight C.C. Rally and Hill-Climb. — C.I.

18th: London M.C. Rally, Little Rally. —  C;  W. Hants & Dorset C.C. Race Meeting, lbsley, 1 p.m. — C.I;   North of Ireland M.C. Trial, Londonderry. —  C;  M.G. C.C. (Scotland). Driving Tests. —  C;  Eastern Counties M.C. Race Meeting, Snetterton —  C;   Cumberland S.C.C. Driving Tests — C;  Aston Martin O.C. Race Meeting, Snetterton, 11 a.m, —  R;   Herts County Auto and A.C. Trial, Hertfordshire — C.I; . Sporting Owner D.C. Trial, E. Anglia — C.I.

18th-19th:  M.G. C.C. (Midland). Rally, Wales. Roebuck Lane, West Bromwich, 10 a.m. — C;  Aberdeen and D. M.C. Trial — C;  V.S.C.C. Rally, Bawtry — C;  Sunbeam-Talbot O.C. Rally, Southport — C; Riley M.C. (N.E.). Team Trial, N. Yorkshire — C.

19th:  Horsham and D. M.C. and C.C. Trial, Horsham. — C;   Civil Service M.A. (Farnborough). Navigation Trial, Farnborough — C;  Plymouth M.C. Rally, Devon — C;  Coventry and Warwickshire M.C. Trial, Coventry   C.I;  Falkirk and D. M.C. Trial —  C;  S. of Scotland C.C. Rally, Dumfries — C;  Knowdale C.C. Trial, Lancashire — C;  Mid-Derbyshire M.C. Trial, Derbyshire — C;  Lancashire and Cheshire C.C. Trial, Derbyshire — R;  Blackpool and Fylde M.C. Trial, Lancashire — C;  Bolton Le Moors C.C. Rally, Yorkshire —  C;  Mid-Surrey A.C. Trial, Surrey — C;  Morecambe C.C. Rally, N. Lancashire — C;  Cambridge 50 C.C. Sprint — C.I;  Citroën C.C. Rally, Surrey — C;  Darlington and D. M.C. Trial, N. Yorkshire — C.I.

20th:  Hants and Berks M.C. Trial, Hampshire — C.I.

22nd-25th:  Isle of Wight C.C. Rally. S. England — C.I.

25th:   Falcon M.C. Night Trial, Hertfordshire. C.I;  Scottish M.R.C. Race Meeting, Kirkcaldy — C.I;  King’s College M.C. Sprint, Blagdon — C.I;  Newry and D. M.C. Rally, Co. Down. — C.I;  B.A.R.C. (Yorks). Rally, Scarborough — C.I.

25th-26th:  Stockport M.C. Rally, N.W. England — C.I;  Pathfinders and Derby M.C. Rally, Derbyshire — C.I;  Aberdeen and D. M.C. Trial, Aberdeen — C.I;  Rhyl and D. M.C. Rally, N. and Mid-Wales  — C.I.

26th:  Exmoor M.C. Sporting Trial, Exmoor — C.I;  Newcastle and D. M.C. Trial, Newcastle — C;   Gosport A.C. Sprint, Gosport — C.I;  Peterborough M.C. Trial, Peterborough — C;  Thames Estuary A.C. Driving Tests, Wormingford Aerodrome, 11.30 a.m;  Edinburgh U. M.C. Rally, Edinburgh — C;  B.A.R.C. (Yorkshire). Trial, N. Yorkshire — R;  Walsall and D. C.C. Driving Tests, Water Orton — C.