National Benzole



National Benzole seems to be very popular amongst those who are filling up with the new premium petrols and we are using it in the Editorial Morgan Plus Four.

Benzole, which from the early days has been recognised as a very good fuel for the i.c. engine, contains all the aromatic hydro-carbons, and forms one of the two main ingredients of National Benzole. It is claimed for National Benzole that it is entirely free from foreign matter and gum, and the benzole content is produced by the coal, steel, iron and gas industries of this country, not a drop being paid for as an import. The National Benzole Company, Ltd., is the sales organisation owned and entirely controlled by the producers of British benzole and it sells and distributes only  British benzole. So, while competition is keen between petrols with a boxer’s punch, with the leap of a tiger, with the spring of a winged horse, etc., “Mr. Mercury ” puts forward the claims of Benzole. — W.B.