Zébre recollections




Mr. R. R. Brain asks for information respecting the Zébre make of car. In 1916 I was Road Officer for the M.T. attached to a battery of 12-inch howitzers, road-mounted type. Whilst outside Albert, on the Somme, we put our mobile workshop in a small wrecked motor factory. There were masses of bits and pieces of car parts, and sewing machines as well, and I am pretty certain that my memory is correct when I say that there were remains of brass nameplates lying about with “Cie Automobile Le Zébre” on them. The make of car must have been quite a small voiturette type, judging from the cylinder castings and chassis.

I am now entering my 54th year of motoring. In 1905 – I think it was whilst working at the British Consulate at Rouen – I acted as interpreter for S. F. Edge and Clifford Earp, who were over for the Gaillon hill-climb with a huge bull-nosed Napier racer. They took me to the climb in a works open touring model.

I am. Yours. etc.,

C.S. Roscoe – Chalfont St. Giles