Friction —the old, old problem

You waste 70% of your petrol overcoming friction and heat losses! Friction is caused by bearing surfaces working together . . . producing heat, wear and drag. . . thereby losing power and wasting petrol. The bearings in your car would seize up if they were not protected against excessive friction by oil. But oil alone cannot do everything; there are certain instances when all oils lose some of their effectiveness due to heat and pressure. If this were not so, there would never be any wear or loss of power. Is there a better answer? There is—M01.YSLIP—a highly refined form of Molybdenum Disulphide (mos,), a lubricant supplement developed to reduce friction in precision machinery. MOLYSLIP is one of the purest suspensions of mos, known to science. In addition it is balanced with special additives to enhance its over-all performance and triple-processed, specially for motoring applications.

Here’s how Molyslip works

mot.YsuiP consists of atoms of Molybdenum (the toughest metal known to man) sandwiched between atoms of sulphur and suspended in fluid—See din. (A). You add MOLYSLIP to the oil in your sump, gearbox, back axle and steering—arid the sulphur atoms, having a great affinity for metal, `plate’ the beating surfaces. The next layer of moLYsur molecules cannot find any metal to `plate’, so they sit on top of the plated layer. … and so on. There are 40 such layers in a millionth of an inch! See dia.. (B). Whilst the sulphur atoms will plate on tnetal with a tenacious grip, they will slide over each other quite freely. A permanent, gliding cushion of MOLYSLIP molecules is formed between bearing surfaces which resists pressure and heat, cannot drain off (due to the plating action)

and creates .a phenomenal, anti-friction effect.

Demonstrate it yourself

Rub a pack of cards between your hands. The top and bottom cards will stick to your palms, but the cards in between slide freely. In other words, your hands are the bearing surfaces, the outside cards are the `plated’ layers, and the cards in between are the MOLYSLIP molecular cushion. In this way, MOLYSLIP reduces friction and provides a safety film of lubricant which is effective at all times.

The benefits of using Molyslip

Reduce friction and you automatically reduce wear. A reduction of friction also gives you easier starting from cold . . . enables your engine to operate closer to its

rated B 1-1 gives you more power than you get at present and an improved petrol consumption. Racing motorists use MOLYSLIP to gain this maximum performance. But there are Other benefits too. Motorists who use MOLYSLIP in the gearbox, back axle and steering box Say it gives an exhilarating just-serviced’ feeling. There is a reason for this. As moLysup smooths away friction, it will result in silky-smooth gear changing, a silent rear axle, finger-light steering and so on. Your car seems suddenly ‘tuned up’ to perfect performance, whatever its age.

How to use Molyslip

MOLYSLIP is suitable for all cars and all oils. `MOLYSLIP FOR ENGINES’ you add to the oil

in your sump … or you can ask for it when you go in for an oil change. A 10 oz. tin costs 15.1and lasts 5,000 miles. Don’t worry if you have an oil change in the middle of this period—MOLYSLIP’S plating action will remain. For adding to gearbox, back axle and steering, you need moLYSLIP ‘G’. This also costs 151for 10 oz., but lasts 10,000 miles. Full instructions are supplied with all containers.

You can get MOLYSLIP from any branch of Halfords . . . and moSt garages, including all the Lex and Blue Star branches.

To sum up

The addition of MOLYSLIP to your oil brings you a whole new world of anti-friction motoring. You’ll feel this exhilarating


effect immediately, but more important still, you’ll get longer engine life, easier -.starting, maximum power and better petrol consumption. Only moLYst.IP can do this for you . .. because only MOLYSLIP is triplecompounded for absolute purity, held in stable suspension and balanced with important additives. These are the facts.

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