ERGONOMICS: the science of designing objects with particular reference to the needs and physical characteristics of their users : human engineerin3 If we were crazy enough, we could design a vehicle for radio-activated Martians. (Remote control, lots of fascinating features, no buyers.) Or a commuter’s special for bed-bound suburbanites. (One that starts itself, brews coffee and sounds off at 7.30 sharp would probably do the trick.)

Instead, we spend most of our waking hours trying to make cars which have more and more of the features sensible people want.

To us, that’s ERGONOMICS. And ergonomics, in anybody’s language, means a better deal for the customer. It means performance with safety, comfort with economy, quality with down-to-earth prices. It means all-round vision for the driver, and

easy parking. (So much better this : parkonomics ?-than an extra set of wheels for moving sideways.) It means a top-gear engine and an all-synchro box. Big things like a low C. of G. and stop-at-a-touch brakes. Little things like two-speed wipers, map-reading light beam, key locks on both sides.

A boffin’s word, ERGONOMICS, but it sums up thoughtful engineering. .. a philosophy of design … and a science that is important to you.

A surprising amount of it goes into Vauxhall cars, which is why so much pleasure comes out of them. If you’d like to know more, you’ve only to ask. Your Vauxhall dealer will be delighted to provide the Q.E.D. EVERYONE DRIVES BETTER IN A VAUXHALL vIcToR VEI.OX CRESTA

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