Vintage Cars: miscellaneous

Old cars reported recently include a 1919 Rolls-Royce 40/50 chassis, unused since 1931, in running order, and once fitted with sporting open bodywork, in a lorry-breaker's yard off A 1, just before Ferry Bridge, a 1926 Bean awaiting restoration, a 1923/4 B.S.A. saloon unused since 1936 lying under a pile of  rubbish (but not for sale), a derelict 1928 Bean Fourteen left to rot in the open since 1946, a 1923 model-T Ford and an Overland still used by a Reading family, and a 1928 Armstrong Siddeley, with crane pick-up body, unused since before the war, for sale in London. A reader in Shropshire has many vintage spares for sale, for model-T Ford, bull-nose Morris, etc., including radiators and mudguards. At a garage in Yorkshire a Calthorpe chassis lies derelict, at another North Country garage there is a 1927 Lanchester, while they use a 1922 Rolls-Royce as a breakdown car, and a model-T Ford lorry with cast fluted radiator and a Manchester lorry were in use up to three years ago, respectively in Normanton and Castleford.   An Austro-Daimler with stationwagon body is lying behind a Doncaster garage, there is an early Jowett two-seater apparently abandoned in Gloucestershire and a J.E.S. engine with a.i.v. in another garage. A reader restoring a 1912 Overland, fitted in 1919 with a van body, wants to contact owners of similar cars and seeks an inlet manifold. Finally, we hear of a F.W.D. Cord and a circa 1919 Panhard 10/14-h.p. truck, both for sale in France. Letters can be forwarded.

A "Lanchester get-together" was held in Solihull on March 17th, attended by George Lanchester. Those present were aged from 62 to 84. Details of the next meeting from J. H. V. Wood, 313, Blossomfield Road, Solihull, Warwicks.

Good-quality transfers depicting six pre-1914 cars, are available for 5s. a set from the Grand Prix Box Office, 29, Windsor Street, Uxbridge. 

An attempt is being made to revive the Vintage Section of the A.C. Owners' Club, Owners of vintage A.C.s are asked to contact P. R. Keeley, The Old Oak, Old Oak Avenue, Chipstead, Surrey.

Fred Kindell, the well-known M.G. driver, died in Brompton Hospital recently, aged 64.

A correspondent thinks the 1913 Packard fire-engine referred to recently in "Cars in Books" as in use in London during the last war must have been that built in 1926 on a W.D. truck of this make for the Earl of Macclesfield's estate near Oxford. Alan Skerman's 1911 Renault recently passed its "ten-year" test, with the inevitable T.V. Cameras in attendance. Barry Clark beat C. S. Hoile to the Cup-model Austin Seven body in Sussex—the latter needing this to restore a damaged 1928 Cup-model in which he covered over 30,000 miles between 1952 and 1954 and has since used in trials.

The Verwood Veteran and Vintage Car Rally, in conjunction with the Carnival, will take place on May 22nd. Details from M. S. Goodwin, " Flintlock Cottage," Westwood Avenue, Ferndown, Wimborne, Dorset.