Vintage Postbag, continued, April 1961



The Bell Car


I wonder if it is possible through the columns of your esteemed magazine to locate an original Bell car.

These cars were made by Bell Bros., Calder Ironworks, Ravensthorpe, Yorkshire, between 1904 and 1920, and gained quite good results in early trials, gold medals in the Scottish R.A.C. 6-day reliability trial, and three non-stop certificates from the Manchester Automobile Club around 1911. A 1914 model was known to be at a brass foundry in Ravensthorpe when the company moved to Manchester in 1927.

My father, who worked on these cars and is now a director of the present company, has discovered a near-complete range of catalogues, and photographs of the cars, so if more information is required it can he obtained through me. I am, Yours, etc., J. S. MacKrell. Manchester.