The B.P. Touring Service in 1961



The 1961 edition of the B.P. Touring Service, which contains information in a durable plastic hold-all, is now available.

This year it includes a novelty item for children. It is a Children’s International Travel Log to help the child traveller, who becomes a B.P. Junior Tourist, to keep a record of his journeys. Autographs, foreign words, the miles covered and towns passed through on the holiday can be noted in the log. When his holiday is over the child applies for the official B.P. Junior Tourist lapel badge, the award of which promotes the child tourist to B.P. Junior Tourist—First Class. A pre-addressed application form for the log, which is free, is included in the Planning Kit.

The Planning Kit has two new features in 1961. They are a B.P. Guide to Europe supplement for Ireland, containing information about travel facilities, entertainment, sport, special events and matters of interest for the tourist; and a very useful B.P. Map Milometer in the form of a B.P. petrol pump, a quick and easy way of computing distance in either miles or kilometres from maps of various scale.

Among the other items in the Planning Kit is a book of tokens There are 13, one for each of 13 European countries. In each country a token can be exchanged at a B.P. Service Station for a free En-route Kit. This has a large detailed map of the particular country, useful touring information and a free souvenir. An application form for the free B.P. Touring Service Insurance, a foreign language phrase book, and the B.P. Touring Guide to Europe are also part of the Planning Kit, which costs 7s. 6d. and is on sale at B.P. Service Stations in the United Kingdom. Those seeking a really good, large map of Europe will also find this included in this comprehensive kit.