R.A.M.I. Miniatures




I was surprised to read Mr. H. Coker’s letter and can only conclude he wrote to you in the heat of the moment without giving the matter much thought. Manufacturing models of veteran and vintage cars is not exactly the easiest way to make profits—the demand is really quite small. One must give credit to a manufacturer who is brave enough to enter this market, in this case R.A.M.I. of France. These models are not made in the hundreds of thousands as are models made by the other manufacturers mentioned by Mr. Coker and consequently the very expensive machinery which insures such a fine finish cannot be used. Also, as most of the painting on a model made by this kind of production must be done by hand, it is understandable that some slips will occur. These facts are always taken into consideration by serious collectors. If Mr. Coker is complaining of the price, it must be remembered that models imported into this country are subject to 58% purchase tax and import duty.

As to the delivery time, is it not conceivable that Messrs. Automec ran out of stock of this particular car (I know for a fact there has been a heavy demand from enthusiasts) and fresh stocks had to be imported ? The Bugatti 35C model is in the collections of a number of Members of this Society and I have heard nothing but praise for this and other models in the R.A.M.I. series. In conclusion I must state that I have no axe to grind in this matter; the Miniature Auto Society is a model makers’ and collectors’ group and is not sponsored by manufacturers nor any other section of the trade.

I am, Yours, etc., F. Brian Jewell, Secretary, Miniature Auto Society.  Sevenoaks.