VW Engine ” At 122,638 miles this engine is untouched, has never been deearbortised and runs-on when hot. I shall run it until it blows up and I have been waiting 40,000

” Camshaft drive sheared at 37,000 miles. Spare engine loaned by garage for $,000 miles without charge whilst my own engine was being repaired.”

At 210,000 miles. ” The car is still running on original engine, which has had no major component replaced. A recent compression test showed two cylinders at 330 lb. and the other two at no lb. Rather noisy top end but no bottom end noise.”

” It starts first time at 5.30 a.m., when I go to the station for papers. All newsagents should have one.’ ” Engine low on power and using oil at 3,000 miles, with fuel consumption of 35.5 m.p.g. Engine checked by garage and in two hours changed plugs three times, carburetters twice, distributor, coil, fuel pump, and finally removed the engine and fitted a ‘ loan’ one in a further $0 minutes. I tanned this for eight weeks after which mine was refitted in about

t hours, all free of charge, and is now better than normal.” ” New crankcase (7,000 miles), new valve gear (7,500

two transmission units, four sets of clutch plates and many other items. All work done under guarantee, that is after writing to Germany on several occasions. All thisis perfectly true and should refute Virs ridiculous adverts which yon allow in your otherwise fine periodical.”

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