How Shell X-100 Multigrade preserves 'new engin' powernewe



New. .. or not so new, Shell keeps engines young.

How Shell X-100 Multigrade preserves ‘new engine’ power

Shell X-100 Multigrade is the first modern motor oil which does not leave deposits of metallic ash in the combustion chamber.

Until new Shell Multigrade came along, all the best motor oils contained additives of metallic compounds. These additives improved the performance of the oil in many important ways but they also left deposits of metallic ash in combustion chambers, which reduced engine efficiency. Shell Multigrade now contains additives that give the same advantages but which are non-metallic. So they leave no ash deposits to re.duce your engine’s efficiency.

Shell Multigrade will benefit all engines. As it does not deposit metallic ash, power will be better preserved in new engines. In engines where deposits havealreadybuilt up, they will flake away gradually and power will actually be regained.

That’s why Shell X-100 Multigrade will keep your engine young. You may not notice any sudden improvement when you change, but there will be a real and lasting benefit. Treat your car to an Oil change at your Shell Station. Ask for Shell Multigrade. And, of course, always top up with it.

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