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5958 SPRITE. Dark green, matching hard-top. Aquaplane manifolds, X ” tyres, servo brakes. £450. Carrington, 19t, Icknield Way, Letchworth,

M.G. TA, 5938, Red. Rebuilt, sprayed andE4u27p9Herts.

holstered in 1959. Hood, screens and tyres good. M.O.T. test. Immaculate condition. £130. Brooker. 69, Cressey Road, High Wycombe, Bucks. 14280 VAUXHALL VICTOR engine with all accessories’.

Almost unused. Jepson, Styal, Cheshire. [4281 1920 PUBLISHED BY American Technical Society. 1A,eultomosblitle ohln7g4ineering, set of six, as new. Offers. x934 AVIS ;SILVER QUEEN) 6 e 6.77 (m42m8.2,

triple carbs. £26. Buyer collects. Knock-on wheels (5). Near new tyres. Suit M.G., Singer sports. £m. t8, Frederick Avenue, Hereford. 25 M.P.G., 200 M.P.H. 1953 Mark VII Jafgt2a8r3. Large family saloon. Numerous extras. Excellent

condition. n ( AK4,..,Onte)E4.87eertificate. £180. Tel. k : (4284 Z925 Wilts. (428$ M.G. saloon. Running order. B Offers. eardsmore, 12.8, Priory Street, C:orsham, (4285 1928 CLYNO NINE. Good Original Condition. Stored for 22 years. £65. Collins. 30. Riggindale Road, S.W. c6. Tel. : STR 7912. J2 M.G. Ford Eight engine, hydraulic brakes, frcroeracct 4n esont1S: . No reasonable offer refused. Prescott. 1)ene Avenue, Kingswinford. Tel. : Kingswin 05r:built throughout. Must sell, genuine

JAGUAR Mk. VII, x952. Recently fitted B1-4type7 head, twin exhaust. Improved economy. Excellent condition. Grace, space, Pace Phes• 070Weaving. Tel. : Kidderminster 28o8 (evenings). (4288 JAGUAR XICizo F.H.C., 1954. An immaculate example in birch grey (original.. Interior in unmarked red hide (ocelot covers included). Ace discs, X “s, heater, Spots. New clutch, mechanically perfect. Genuine 48,000 miles. Must he finest available. Demonstration anywhere. C450, o.v.n.o. Tel. (London) UPLande 4743. Carrington,

Kenley. Surrey. 14219 BENTLEY, 1927, 3-LITRE Speed Model V.D.P. tourer. £450. Tel. : Oxted 4097. 14290 PA WHEELS. Complete. Good treads. 25S. each; 0/s• ream £2. Cylinder head. Box No. T.291. 14291 M.G. PA. Breaking for spares, complete except engine. R. Weeks, Gloucester Road, Almondsbury, Bristol. MORGAN CONNOISSEURS. MX4 Super Sports. over L100. 342,

High-level pipes. Quick gale, highest Recent complete overhaul. Fully modified. Electric starter. Woodlands View, Goinersal, 14294 LEICESTER, 072 motor. Entirely rebuilt, body incomplete. LI 1.5. Specification, Ashton, 84e, Salusbury Road, London, N.W.6. 14295 26-h.p. ROLLS-ROYCE, t935, Multi= saloon. Interior in original condition. New battery. Two spare wheels. Good tyres. Runs well. M.O.T. certificate. Es 30. Newcombe, Wcstgrounds,” Climping, Littlehampton. Tel.: 549. (4290′ 1954 SUNBEAM 90 Mk. III. A fine example of thie excellent I1104711C in metallic green. Realistically

1172 FORMULA. Very cheap, owner goinig429to7. priced, j;:285. Tel.: Field End 7047. Junior. Two cars. one all enclosed, one open bodywork. Both fully prepared for this season. Highly tuned loohs, light flywheels, ej-in. S.U.e, Buckler gears; one re-in, wheel, one 5-in. j;,495). the pair, offers; will split, must sell. Thomas, Tel.: Bristol 25997. 1-1298 JOWETT JAVELIN, 1952. Recond. Mk. III engine; resprayed. Heater. Tested. Good condition. t70. Joy, i5, Wetherby Mansions, S.W.5. Tel.: FRO 3537. 14299 RILEY KESTREL 11-LITRE, 1936. Near-Sprite specification. Finished coffee/white. Red interior, One of fittest in existence. Full details to interested panics on request. M.O.T. certificate. Offered again due to non-completion of ‘transaction at peo. Powell, “West Winds,” Monument Lane, lackey, Nr. Birmingham. Tel.: Rubety 81. [4300’ SUPERCHARGER, MARSHALL, Type A75. Gauge, fittings. Ford 8-to. £30. 5, Marnham G Rise, adebridge, Hemel Hempstead, Herts. 14301

TOJEIRO-M.G. Very last; ros b.h.p. cwt. Aerodynemie sports/racing car. With/without engine-e;265, £199. Also director’s 1938 41 Bentley, v.g.c., rare Gurney Nutting sports saloon. £350. Scrope, 24, Jesus Lane, Cambridge. 14302.

A.C., 1937, GREYHOUND sports saloon. £14130:: overhauled, etc. Poppy red. MO. I. Exceptional. Completely rebuilt; new tyres. brakes; engine cirecre 174, Faversham Road. Kennington. Kent_ ) el.: Kennington 276.

MORGAN 4/4, 1939, 4-seats. Excellent condition. L120 0.f1.0 I.t. Asquith’, R.M.C.S., Shrivenham. Swindon. 1430 1 BOG STANDARD SPRITE, r959, two owners,

25,000. All extras; excellent condition. £410. Tel.: Bradfield • Berkshire) 485.1430,5 jowvrr JAVELIN dff., 1950. M.O.T., sound, rd tyres; all faults declared. 480 O.n.o. 34, Byron Way, Romford, Essex. Tel.: Ingrebourne 44159. 14306 HEALEY BM, 1954. Red. Wire wheels, heater, overdrive, twin spots. Excellent condition. Maintained by professional man. £410 or offers. Tekphone after 6.30 p.m. Stedman, Upton Lodge, Penrhyn Road, Kingston-on-Thames. Tel.: KIN 0817. 14307 MORRIS MINOR, 1950. Excellent condition throughout. Highly-tuned engine. Recent M.O.T. i.:135 (open 4-seater considered as part payment). 22. Peter’s Place, Northchurch, Ilerts. Tel.: Berk hamsted 2467. (14308 AUGUSTA. Front damaged, all parts exec lent. Name your price. Maclagan, 6, Fitzalsin Road, N.3. 14309 1951 CHEVROLET POWERGLIDE. Undersealed, radio, heater, etc. Genuine 22 mpg.,

95-fm.p.h. Grey;whitc. Very sound order. Owner abroad. £130 o.n.o. (Dorset.) Box No.

T.3is. 1960 FIAT 500 convertible, perfect condition. A,325. 49, Khama Road, S.W.17. Tel.: 13A1.. 8912. [4322

ROLLS-ROYCE, r936, 25130. Originally property of Managing Director Rolls-Royce. Mileage approximately 80,000. Very attractive body by hrupp & Maberly. black. M.O.T. £425. B. G. Harris, Dunlucc, Ballure Road, Ramsey, Isle of Man. Tel.; Ramsey 3219.

RILEY It-LITRE SPARES. A few good fiTt:s left : Front suspension, lour doors, boot lid, gearbox and various smaller parts. D. C. Read, iii, 15egina Road, Southall, Middlesex, or Tel.: Southall 3014. 1926 TALBOT x8/55 coupe. Elegant vintage car is very good condition. ,f, too. Ideal touring car— Unspoiled 1928 Sunbeam x6.9-h.p. tourer in very good condition; full weather equipment, luggage rack. Some engine spares; handbook. Wonderful value at £200. Chester, 61, High Street, Crowle, Lincs. Tel.: CroWle 385. 14325 jOWEIT JAVELIN, 1949. Engine recond. 1961. New carburetters, radiator, battery, light units. Tyres, body good. 85 m.p.h.. 34 m.p.g. Heater. M.O.T. Taxed June ’62. No reasonable offer

refused. 19, Wychdelb Stevenage. 14326 LANCHESTER Bit, 1938. 65,0o0. Rebored 2,000 ago. Silent. No rust. Good tyres, Plating as new. All original. Too good to demolish. Any offers. Taxed. Foxon, Hollow Way, Harwell. 14327 RILEY PATHFINDER, 1955, one owner and driver from new, 13,000 miles since replacement engine, battery. tyres; bills available. Condition of body and chassis exceptionally good. A trouble-free car. Owner’s needs now Met by smaller car. £450: licensed December. A Charlee to own a sound thoroughbred worth much more than any new car at twice the price. Harding; 38, Station Road, Wylde Green, Sutton Coldfield, Warwicks. [4426 A.C., 1951, 2-LITRE tourer. Whole car has been rebuilt and is in ” as new ” condition. The body has beenchanged at great expense to Coupe type with side windows. New tyres, flashers, heater, etc. £300 o.n.o. Robert Strang, Bowes Rigg, Stewarton,

Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland. (4427 VEFERAN AEROPLANE, believed remains of 13E3C, anyone interested ? XKr5o -SfE. lilt, mine since new, ..k.650. Wanted : Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, chassis NO. 1289, last heard of Manchester area 1923: handsome reward, even for carcass. Also wanted, pair Blerim electric bell sidelamps. Cook, Beck Farm, Guist, Dercham, Norfolk. 14428 M.G. YB saloon, 1953. Well kept. Comfy and sporty. ,C250. t7. Itracklcys Way, Solihull. (4429 MORRIS MINOR CLIMAX. Fatted 1100 Stage: t Climax. Suspension and brake modifications, etc. £425.. Or exchange good Mini. Box No. T.430.

FOR SALE: 5934 S.S.i. In very geed condti4titri. M.O.T. certificate. Black with green upholstery. Contact Eh, Lt. Durham, R.A.F., West Raynham, Norfolk. [443t MIN SUPERCHARGER KIT. Arnott blOwerw4.i3tht all fittings. ,e30. Wilson, Tel.: ADD 3394. (4432 1939 RAILTON EIGHT saloon. Also t936 engine and spare gearbox. Offers. Fagg, Tel.: Ilitchin 4715. (4433 VETERAN QUADRANT TRICYCLE. V.C.C. reg. 1902. Two wheels in front, one behind. 21.-h.p. Minerva engine, direct belt drive. Many London to Brighton medals. In good running order. ,C200. Grundy, 12, Crowland Avenue, Grimsby. (4434 M.G.-A, ’56. Wire wheels, X ” tyres. Excellent condition throughout. new hood and

tonneau. £365. Tel.: Maidenhead 2693. (4435 AQUAPLANE 3-CARB. MANIFOLD with S.U.s, air-cleaners, etc. Also set of unused inner valve springs. All to fit Mk. II Zephyr. Box No. T.436.

TWIN-CHOKE WEBER, with inlet for M144iri. £12 Jos. Kirkham, 49, Richmond Avenue, Ni. M.G. TC, 1947. B.R.G. New Vynide hood14a4n3d7 sidescrecns. Maintained by engineer owner. Smart appearance. M.O.T. Available London or N.E. Coast. £230. Meyer, 32, The MeadWay, Buckhorst Hill, Essex. Tel.: BUCkhurst 5021. (4438 ROCHDALE G.T. (double strength body). t172. New components, fully trimmed, sealed, carpeted. etc. £250 o.n.o. Tel.: Idle (Bradford) 1334. (4440

5929 MARMON straight-eight sedan, in good running condition, recent engine rebuild, ,C12.5. 1936 Milton straight-eight d.h. coupe, needs considerable attention to body, minor mechanical attention; £25-. /926 Morris Commercial i-ton truck, complete and original, Suit commercial club enthusiast for restoration. History known. £35. Or offers in all three cases. Newman. ” Syringa,•’ High Street, Chobham, Surrey. t4 EX-M.G. INSTRUMENTS : tachometer t clock, trip speedometer, 24-in. oillpetrol, ammeter thermometer, Ls. P. toos fair condition, E.6 pair. Ludford-Brooks, Great Bentley (Tel.: 276), C (444 WITICIheRsEl’eGr. 6 REGRET, still selling from my collection vintage and post-vintage cars, numbering 25, owing space shortage. Including 1929 Isotta, 930 Cord, 1930 air-cooled Franklin, 1928 Horch, 1923 40/50-11.p. Lanchester, 1935 Rolls P.II, 1923 Scott Sociable. Also some of my collection of 90 motorcycles. Owing to great detail involved, cannot correspond. All welcome by appointment: will meet and return Dublin Airport, or docks, on request. Ellis, Templemills House, Celbridge. Co. Kildare, Ireland. Tel.: Celbridge 297. 14447 F.N.-B.M.W. 328. In first-class order. Engine rust been .rebuilt by specialist. _OZtko head, Hirth gears, H xl .D., Rs. Offers. Tel.: Stoke Fleming 372. (4449